New eatery is opening in Fitzroy this December 2023, Maven by Morgan Hipworth and Daniel Neytha


Open six to seven days a week, Maven will greet the early risers with contemporary breakfast dishes, delight the lunch crowd with a mix of classics reinterpreted, and invite diners to indulge in evening feasts three to four nights a week. Each dish promises a fresh take on Australian favourites, using locally sourced ingredients that capture the essence of the nation’s diverse culinary landscape.

Founder and Co-Head Chef Morgan Hipworth adds, “Maven is the culmination of every kitchen experiment, every lesson from my mentors, and every feedback from patrons. Its where age-old traditions meet modern flavours. From the aromatic first brew in the morning to the very last bite of our signature desserts at night, Maven encapsulates my journey, lessons, and aspirations as a chef.”

The launch of Maven comes from his childhood dream and continued passion from Morgan for cooking and sharing his love for food, which culminated through Bistro Morgan. The artisan bakehouse was the dream of 13-year-old Morgan who flourished and established a strong foundation. Now, nearly a decade later and with a wealth of experience, Maven is the evolution of that dream. It represents a full spectrum of culinary offerings.

He describes Maven as “a canvas where every dish, every flavour tells my story. It’s surreal to think that the young boy obsessed with Masterchef is now bringing Maven to life. This isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a dream shaped by countless hours, flavours, and memories.”

Morgan will work alongside Co-Head Chef Daniel Neytha to lead the kitchen and bring their collaborative culinary expertise to the table. Neytha was previously senior Sous Chef at Lona Misa in South Yarra and prior to that, worked in restaurants all over the world. His Colombian heritage will influence the menu along with his experience in South American and European cuisine.

On the menu at Maven, Co-Head Chef Daniel Neytha notes: “It’s going to be an exciting menu, keeping it fresh and simple, always looking to elevate flavours, textures and colours of each ingredient. We’ll also only be working with local farmers and seasonal produce.”

Key dishes at Maven will include a classic Roast Chicken, Duck Waffles, Slow-Roasted Lamb, Crispy Pork Sandwich, and Chilli Scramble. Maven will also house a cake cabinet stocked daily with freshly made items encompassing tarts, croissants, entremets (French mousse cakes), muffins, and more. On the drink front, the all-day eatery will offer artisanal coffees, bespoke cocktails, and a curated list of local wines.

With interior design by Studio Esteta, Maven boasts thoughtfully designed interiors reflecting a harmony of rustic charm and contemporary flair, making it an inviting space for both casual catchups and special occasions.