Feel more on PS5 PlayStation with Tash Sultana, Robert Whittaker and Mark Samual Bonanno

PlayStation Australia
PlayStation Australia

As part of the three-year anniversary celebrations of the PS5, PlayStation Australia has partnered with some of Australia’s most famous (and unexpected) gamers to discuss how gaming makes them feel and the heightened emotions it evokes.

Tash Sultana (Musician), Robert Whittaker (Mixed Martial Artist) and Mark Samual Bonanno (Comedian, Aunty Donna) all sat down to discuss their earliest memories of gaming, how gaming makes them feel and more.

Gaming has the power to connect us and bring on emotions you don’t experience in your everyday life. Speaking on how it helps them relax, Tash Sultana said: “Gaming is such an escape for me. There are very few things where I can fully focus completely. When I play music, I can do that, and when I game, I can do that too. It’s total escapism. I lose track of time because I’m loving it – and when I’m done, I want to do it all over again.”

For Rob Whittaker, the levels of immersion available take you to other worlds like no other: “Gaming is such a big part of my life. The sense of wonder and adventure you get from exploring the new worlds on the PS5 is second to none.”

Meanwhile, Mark spoke about the immense pride he feels for the creative choices writers are enabled to take: “Gaming is like magic to me. As a storytelling device, there is nothing like it. The way in which stories can affect you in games is incredible. Being able to step into the shoes of a character and feel what they feel and make decisions that affect them and your experience is unlike any other entertainment.”

Patrick Lagana, Director of Marketing, PlayStation Australia, said “As we celebrate three years of PlayStation 5 through our latest Brand campaign “Heighten Emotions” we wanted to illustrate just how truly immersive the world of PS5 is – and so we invited a few of our friends, Tash, Rob and Mark to share with us some of the unrivaled, extraordinary emotions that gaming unlocks for them. Whether it’s the feeling of deep immersion through our innovative technology and expressive storytelling, the wonder and awe felt by the stunning visual worlds that PS5 presents – and more, PlayStation 5 delivers gaming experiences that take you beyond the everyday, opening you up to feeling a whole world of unparalleled emotions.”

With amazing titles such as Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7, God of War Ragnarök and the new Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, hardware like the next-gen PS VR2, new Access controller, Pulse Explore wireless earbuds, and the upcoming PlayStation Portal – we’ve got all the feels about continuing to create larger than life experiences for our community,” he concluded.

Check out the ‘Feel it Now on PlayStation 5’ TV spot HERE.

Ahead of the busy festive season, the PS5 also has its biggest-ever sale for Black Friday with the console and the new Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 – which was recently nominated for Game of The Year – available for $724.95. That’s a huge $180 in savings from the RRP of $904.95.