The heart beats on the dance floor with The Tap Pack. Opening night at The Studio, Sydney Opera House.

The Tap Pack
The Tap Pack

The Sydney Opera House’s – The Studio recently played host to an extraordinary spectacle that left the audience spellbound and craving for more. The Tap Pack, a phenomenal tap dance ensemble, delivered a jaw-dropping performance that showcased their remarkable talent and brought the house down on opening night. This electrifying production was an absolute triumph, leaving no doubt as to why it has become a must-see sensation around the world.

The cast of The Tap Pack, featuring Jesse Rasmussen, Jordan Pollard, Thomas Egan, Mark Hill, and Ben Brown, was simply extraordinary. Each member brought their unique style, flair, and personality to the stage, creating an ensemble that perfectly complemented one another. Their chemistry and synchronicity were palpable, leaving the audience in awe of their precision and skill.

Jesse Rasmussen exuded a magnetic stage presence that drew the audience into every step he took. His impeccable technique and grace were a joy to behold, and his ability to captivate with every movement was truly remarkable. Hats off to him for a great heartfelt moment of the yester-legends:  Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr.

Jordan Pollard’s energy was infectious, lighting up the stage with his powerful and dynamic performances. His charismatic charm and incredible footwork left the audience exhilarated and on the edge of their seats.

Thomas Egan showcased an incredible versatility, seamlessly transitioning between classic tap routines and innovative contemporary choreography. His impeccable timing and fluidity of movement were a testament to his exceptional talent.  In a completely improvised piece, Egan danced his heart out like no one was watching. He had me (and many others) hanging on every movement and breath. Take a step back when he embraces Ginger Rogers (I’ll say nothing more).

Mark Hill brought a touch of elegance and sophistication to the production. His smooth and refined style was a joy to watch, as he effortlessly glided across the stage, captivating the audience with his mastery of the art form.

Ben Brown, the anchor of the group, impressed with his commanding presence and flawless execution. His infectious enthusiasm and technical prowess were awe-inspiring, leaving the audience in awe of his skill and passion for tap dancing. Smooth with the ladies and championing modern songs in a sing-off with Mark Hill.

Together, The Tap Pack wowed the audience with their seamless blend of traditional tap dance and contemporary flair. Their performances were packed with energy, precision, and charisma, leaving the crowd on their feet, roaring with applause after each number.

The choreography was a true feast for the eyes, incorporating classic tap, jazz, and modern dance elements. The transitions between routines were seamless, keeping the momentum and excitement high throughout the entire show. The dancers effortlessly weaved their way through a variety of musical styles, from the swinging jazz classics to modern hits, creating a dynamic and captivating experience.

The Tap Pack at the Sydney Opera House’s Studio was an unforgettable evening of pure entertainment. Not only are the group amazing dancers, but they are also very good mates and the banter they have with each other brings a refreshing comedy to the show.

The cast’s exceptional talent, chemistry, and infectious enthusiasm made for an electrifying performance that left the audience on a high.

If you have the opportunity to witness this extraordinary showcase of talent, don’t miss it. The Tap Pack will have you tapping your feet and longing for an encore long after the final bow.

The Tap Pack
19-30 July 2023
The Studio, Sydney Opera House