A taste of Rome in Sydney. Buon appetito from Martina in Rose Bay.


Nestled in the lively neighbourhood of Rose Bay, the playful cousin to popular restaurant, Marta, has landed and is poised to enchant Sydney’s culinary aficionados. Introducing Martina, the brainchild of esteemed restaurateur, Flavio Carnevale. A celebration of  Roman and Italian cuisine with a community spirit sitting across the picturesque backdrop of Sydney’s harbour. From a bustling Italian bakery in the morning to a lively pizzeria and Italian restaurant from noon, Martina offers an authentic dining experience, transporting you straight to the streets of Rome.

Martina’s menu showcases Roman and Italian culinary artistry. Freshly baked pastries, including the signature maritozzi – Flavio’s favourite Roman brioche bun filled with whipped cream – are just some of the delightful offerings. Martina’s pizzeria pays homage to Roman tradition with a contemporary twist through its signature Modern Roman Pinsa– a special pizza dough that marries authenticity with innovation. As the sun sets, Martina transforms into a vibrant Italian eaterie, with a menu replete with authentic Roman delicacies crafted from locally sourced ingredients.

Martina’s drink menu offers an array of classic Italian cocktails, spritzers, as well as innovative non-alcoholic beverages. Explore a carefully curated wine menu by Flavio himself, featuring an array of Italian wines alongside a selection of French labels and up-and coming Italian producers.

Flavio Carnevale, the mastermind behind Martina, draws on his own rich Italian heritage, culture and extensive culinary experiences. With a dedicated team of chefs, bakers, pastry chefs, in-house pizzaiolo, architects, and designers, he turned his vision into reality, passionately crafting an authentic Italian haven in the heart of Sydney.

Amid the challenges of 2020, during the throes of lockdown, Flavio found inspiration in the legacy of Roman baking and his deep affection for the local community. Martina seamlessly blends Roman and Italian trattoria, pizzeria, pasticceria and forno (the bakery), offering a unique culinary journey from morning to night.

“My vision for Martina is a place where you can pop in at any given time of the day or night and always find food, coffee and wine. Is that to go place without thinking too much about it, every day all day along,” says restaurateur, Flavio Carnevale.

At Martina, guests are invited to indulge in their senses, share the love, and discover the heartful flavours of Italian life. With its all-day offerings, Martina promises a lively yet relaxed ambiance reminiscent of the streets of Rome, inviting locals and visitors alike to savour the fusion of local goodness with Italian flair.

Martina opens its doors 7 days a week, from morning till night. Come and experience the wonders of Rome with authentic Italian food and drinks in the middle of Sydney.

51-55 O’Sullivan Road, Rose Bay NSW 2029, Australia
T: +61 2 9649 4594