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Wyndham Workation Deals
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Do you dream of exotic destinations while staring at your computer screen? Do you crave adventure but feel trapped by your workload? Welcome to the age of bleisure travel, the perfect blend of business and leisure!

What is Bleisure?

Bleisure is the exciting trend of extending a business trip for personal enjoyment. Imagine attending a conference in Tokyo and tacking on a few extra days to explore the vibrant city. Or, picture a work retreat in Bali, where you can squeeze in some beach time after productive meetings. With Wyndham’s Workation Deals, this dream becomes a reality! Explore breathtaking destinations like China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia – all with the flexibility to seamlessly integrate work and play.

Top Tips for Mastering Your Bleisure Adventure

  • Planning is Key: While spontaneity is fun, a well-structured plan ensures a smooth transition between work and leisure. Block out dedicated work hours and schedule exciting activities for your downtime.
  • Choose Your Destination Wisely: Pick a location that offers both business-friendly amenities and exciting leisure options. Wyndham’s Workation Deals cater to this perfectly, offering properties in vibrant cities and stunning locales.
  • Pack Smart: Be prepared for both boardrooms and adventures. Pack versatile clothing that can transition from meetings to sightseeing. Don’t forget essentials for both work and fun!
  • Embrace Technology: Utilize technology to maximize productivity. Use cloud-based tools to access work materials and stay connected with colleagues remotely.
  • Set Boundaries: Communicate clear boundaries with colleagues and clients. Let them know your designated work hours during your bleisure trip.
  • Disconnect to Recharge: While staying connected is important, ensure you schedule time to fully disconnect and de-stress. Enjoy the local culture, explore hidden gems, and recharge your batteries!

Wyndham Workation Deals unlock a world of possibilities

Book More, Save More

  • Stay 2 consecutive nights and enjoy 12% off
  • Extend to 3 nights for 15% off
  • Opt for 4 nights or more and achieve a full 20% discount

Simply sign up as a Wyndham Rewards member for free here and book your stay directly with Wyndham. Plus, earn an extra 1,500 Wyndham Rewards points for your stay when you book direct. This offer is available for bookings made until November 25, 2024, with stays completed by November 30, 2024.

Imagine yourself working remotely on a pristine beach in Thailand, or finalizing a presentation overlooking the Great Wall of China. Bleisure travel allows you to experience the world while staying productive. So, pack your bags, embrace the bleisure trend with Wyndham, and get ready to work, explore, and thrive!


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