Lights, Sleight of Hand, and Sydney Harbour Magic

"The Unfair Advantage" at The Pylon Lookout
(c) Harry Milas | The Unfair Advantage

Here’s a story that involves dazzling cityscapes, mind-blowing magic tricks, and a night that left me grinning like a Cheshire Cat long after the lights dimmed. This past Vivid Sydney, I decided to ditch the usual festival routine and signed myself up for something truly extraordinary: The Unfair Advantage at the Pylon Lookout” with BridgeClimb Sydney.

Imagine this. You’re perched high atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the iconic archway framing a scene straight out of a dream. The last rays of the sun are painting the sky with fiery hues, and as darkness descends, the city below explodes in a vibrant symphony of light. Vivid Sydney has transformed the urban landscape into a wonderland of colour – the Opera House a shimmering jewel, the bridge itself a pulsating neon sculpture. This, my friends, was the breathtaking backdrop for an evening unlike any other.

But the magic wasn’t just confined to the city lights. Enter Harry Milas, the charismatic magician who was about to bend our perceptions and leave us questioning reality. Forget pulling rabbits out of hats (although with that view, who knows what he could have pulled off?). Harry’s magic was a masterclass in subtlety. His sleight of hand was impossibly smooth, his memory for a deck of cards borderline superhuman. The way he weaved his tricks, revealing just enough of the secret sauce to leave us both awed and eager for more, was pure genius.

Here’s the best part. This wasn’t some impersonal stadium show. With only 25 attendees allowed per session, it felt like an intimate gathering, a secret society of magic enthusiasts huddled together with Harry as our charismatic leader. There was a delightful buzz in the air as gasps and excited whispers rippled through the crowd with each impossible feat. Harry’s interactive approach made us feel like active participants, not just passive observers. We weren’t just watching a magician; we were part of the magic itself.

As the card tricks unfolded, defying the laws of physics (or at least my understanding of them!), the city lights outside continued their dazzling display. Every now and then, I’d steal a glance at the breathtaking panorama, the vibrant colours a stark contrast to the hushed concentration on Harry’s face. It was a surreal juxtaposition, a beautiful reminder that the magic wasn’t just contained within the intimate circle we formed around Harry. The entire city pulsated with its own kind of magic that night.

If you’re looking for a way to experience Vivid Sydney that goes beyond the typical crowds and flashing lights, then “The Unfair Advantage at the Pylon Lookout” is worth experiencing. Tickets were $129 per person or upgrade to $159 per person – Dinner & Show. With two sessions (5:30pm and 7:30pm) on selected Friday and Saturday shows.

  • Saturday 25 May, Friday 31 May
  • Saturday 1 June, Friday 7 June
  • Saturday 8 June, Friday 14 June

It’s a chance to combine breathtaking cityscapes with the electrifying thrill of live magic, all under the magical cloak of a Sydney night. It’s an experience that lingers long after the final card is revealed, a memory that will make you smile and shake your head in disbelief, wondering just how Harry pulled it all off.

Trust me, it’s a night you won’t forget.

BridgeClimb Sydney
3 Cumberland St, The Rocks NSW 2000, Australia
T: +61 2 8274 7777 | E: | Book Online


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