Tia Beale’s brand new single, ‘You’re Bad’. The breakup song you have been waiting for.

Tia Beale | You're Bad
Tia Beale | You're Bad

Australian singer-songwriter, Tia Beale has today launched her brand new single, ‘You’re Bad’ and it’s the breakup tune that you’re going to be blasting this spring.

Sydney born and raised, Tia Beale has been drawn towards music for as long as she can remember. Being surrounded by music of all genres her whole life, Tia knew she was destined to be a musician.

Tia’s new single, ‘You’re Bad’ has a unique pop sound with a funk and groove influence. Drawing inspiration from past relationships, Tia found writing her new single very cathartic.

Tia commented: “I wanted to write an empowering song about my experience with a bad relationship ending. I loved that I was able to get all my frustration out on paper, during a time that was incredibly difficult. There’s a moment in life, where you stop and ask yourself ‘Should I have called it quits sooner?’ Even when we feel pulled towards someone, it takes a lot of strength to admit that someone is bad for you and to have the courage to close that door. People come and go and if there’s one thing I have learnt, it’s that sometimes it’s best to just let them.”

Working alongside her for the journey of the new release was Tia’s producer Steve Clisby, who appeared on The Voice Australia in 2020. Tia also worked with Steve’s good friend and two-time grammy winner Helik Hadar to help produce the new single.

She added: “Steve’s such a talented singer and producer and it was a real joy creating the music with him, along with Helik who mastered the work. It’s amazing looking back at where it started to the finished product and it’s something that gets me every time about the creative process. Also to have two people who are masters in their field, it’s such an honour to be able to work with them”

The lyrics to ‘You’re Bad’ will resonate with anyone that has gone through a similar relationship experience. Tia wanted to remind her fans with this song that life is too short to waste it on things or people that don’t make you happy.

Tia further referenced her song lyrics saying: “I’ve heard a thousand lies, I don’t want to waste my time.”

Tia is no stranger to releasing music, her first EP ‘Tia’, was released in 2019 when she was just 20. The sky’s the limit for the talented singer, who has plans to record two songs in the states with renowned LA based music producer, John Ho, later this year.

You can find Tia Beale’s new single ‘You’re Bad’ on Spotify and Apple Music right now.