Rouge: A Tempting Spectacle of Sensuality and Circus Mastery

Rouge: Circus For Grown-Ups
(c) Belinda R | Rouge: Circus For Grown-Ups

Attending the VIP opening night of Rouge: Circus For Grown-Ups was not just a show—it was an immersive journey into a realm where high-flying acrobatics, sultry burlesque, and jaw-dropping circus arts collide.

Hosted at the iconic Sydney Spiegeltent in The Entertainment Quarter, this daring production, directed by Elena Kirschbaum and produced by the powerhouse Highwire Entertainment, promised an evening that was both thrilling and delightfully risqué. Spoiler alert: it delivered on every front.

The ensemble of performers was a group of exceptionally talented individuals who skillfully combined sensuality and artistry. Paul Westbrook, who was a captivating dancer and aerialist, moved with such grace that the audience was left in awe and cheek. Christine Ibrahim, a powerhouse singer and aerialist, added an operatic element to the show that enriched its artistic value.

Maui Ryan and Lyndon Johnson, acrobats extraordinaire, took the stage to new heights – literally. Their gravity-defying acts were nothing short of mesmerizing, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats. Lizzie Patterson, another exceptional acrobat, added a unique ménage à trois flair to the ensemble, showcasing incredible feats that left us questioning the limits of the human body.

Jessie Mckibbin‘s versatility seamlessly integrated various circus disciplines, showcasing an incredible range of skills that kept the audience hooked from start to finish.

Under Elena Kirschbaum‘s direction, Rouge transcended the conventional boundaries of circus performances. It was bold, funny, and dared to push the envelope. The non-stop celebration of the astonishing, surprising, provocative, and supremely sexy was a testament to the show’s well-deserved accolades, including “Best Circus and Physical Theatre Show” at the 2020 Adelaide Fringe.

The synergy between the performers and the intimate setting of the Spiegeltent created an atmosphere charged with energy and anticipation. As the performers took the stage, each act unfolded like a dance of desire and daring. The provocative burlesque elements added a cheeky touch to awe-inspiring circus acts (note some nudity is shown).

From start to finish, Rouge was a feast for the senses. The show’s ability to seamlessly blend heart-stopping acrobatics with moments of seductive charm – sometimes, I didn’t know when to look away.

Rouge is not just a circus; it’s a journey into a world where boundaries are pushed, and inhibitions are left at the door. It’s an evening that tantalizes, teases, and ultimately leaves you breathless. If you’re looking for a show that goes beyond the ordinary, Rouge is the ticket to an unforgettable night of adult circus magic.

Rouge: Circus For Grown-Ups
23 November – 17 December 2023
Sydney Spiegeltent, The Entertainment Quarter, 122 Lang Rd, Moore Park NSW 2021, Australia.
Tickets: $50-$110