Fishing fans looking to reel in the ultimate Murray Cod. Fish all year round at Copeton Dam

Murray Cod Fishing | Reflections Copeton Waters Holiday Park
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Despite Cod Season closures on 31 August, Copeton Dam is the only spot that remains open to catch Cod all year round. Affectionately known as the ‘Cod Capital’, the stunning spot is an epic part of the world at three times the size of Sydney Harbour, offering ample opportunities for anglers to connect with nature and engage in a memorable fishing experience.

For those planning a fishing trip to the dams at Burrinjuck, Wyangala, Keepit and Burrendong, Reflections Copeton Waters Holiday Park is a renowned fishing mecca, providing an incredible basecamp for any fishing trip with fish cleaning tables and easy boat access to the water. A short 30-minute drive from Inverell and an easy journey from Armidale, Glen Innes and Warialda, Copeton Waters Holiday Park is set on 900 hectares of Crown land and nestles the mighty Copeton Dam, making it the perfect accommodation for a trip full of adventure, skill, patience, and a touch of mystery.

An area loved by experts and fishing fans alike, annual fishing competitions fill the park and dam each year with hundreds of excited die-hard fishers and fishing families hoping to land a big one, so book quickly. For those looking to cast their net further afield, there are Reflections Burrinjuck Waters Holiday Park, which IFISH and Rhys Creed from Social Fishing visited earlier this year in search of Murray Cod greats.

A fascinating creature, the Murray Cod is genuinely awe-inspiring, growing up to 1.8 metres in length and weighing over 100 kilograms. Known to be elusive and intelligent, they are the ultimate challenging target for anglers. They are known to put up a formidable fight once hooked, making their size, intelligence, and challenging nature make it a prized catch for anglers.

If you’re looking to reel in this remarkable creature, here are some tips from Reflections Holiday Parks’ experts on the ground:

Top Tips

  • Aim to fish two nights before and after a full moon, as fish tend to be more active around this time so you could succeed more.
  • Fish in low light periods during early mornings or dusk for surface fishing. Fish are usually out on the dam well before the sun comes up and have lures in the water when the sun rises. The dedicated fishers cast at the water’s edge or out on their boats around 3:00am
  • Use a chunk of tasty cheese as your bait – try mozzarella, as it tends to stay on the hook better, and Murray Cod loves it.
  • Grab yourself a LiveScope. These sonar buddies give you clear images of fish in real time, making your job much easier. LiveScopes are the new ‘go-to’ accessory for finding and catching the Murray Cod.
  • Murray Cods don’t have any eyelids, meaning they like to hang out in shady spaces to get out of the sun’s glare. So, heading to spots with shade will increase your chances of hooking one on your line.
  • Murray Cod gets spooked easily, so try to be as quiet as possible. If you’re fishing at night, you’ll want to ensure all lights are off and make as little noise as possible.
  • Look to troll deeper waters at 10 to 15 metres throughout the day as the fish chase the cooler, deeper water as seasonal or day temperatures increase.
  • They can be fast, so if you’re close to catching on, keep rolling and don’t stop, as you may alert them.
  • When targeting Murray cod, it’s best to look for areas of structure, like a rock bar in a deep hole or submerged logs.
  • Finally, talk to the experts at the park or your local tackle shop to ensure you have the right gear to target these river (or dam) monsters.

A family-friendly destination, Reflections Copeton Waters Holiday Park is the perfect spot to embrace the great outdoors and try fishing, water skiing, and mountain biking. There are various accommodations, including cabins, bunkhouses and powered and unpowered campsites. Dogs are allowed on unpowered sites and some cabins, and amenities include a camp kitchen, kiosk, laundry, barbeque areas and shop.

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