HMD Pulse ignites the Night: A Recap of the Electrifying Launch Party!

Human Mobile Devices (HMD)
Human Mobile Devices (HMD)

HMD, formerly known for their Nokia handsets, stepped out on their own this week, launching their exciting new Pulse series at a pulsating event held at Beta Events on Castlereagh Street. The atmosphere crackled with anticipation for the HMD Pulse, Pulse+, and Pulse Pro – three smartphones designed to redefine affordability and user experience.

An Icy Reception (in a Good Way!). Guests were greeted by a sight that was both unique and refreshing – a clear igloo podcast activation! This interactive space allowed attendees to experience the Pulse series through engaging audio discussions. It was a clever way to introduce the phones’ features in a fun and immersive setting.

The venue boasted a vibrant media wall, adorned with the HMD Pulse logo, where attendees snapped selfies with the all-new handsets. The strategically placed phones ensured everyone got a chance to experience the sleek design and user-friendly interface firsthand.

Let’s Talk Tech: Unveiling the HMD Pulse Series

Now, onto the stars of the night – the HMD Pulse series! Each phone boasts a stunning 6.56-inch 90Hz display, perfect for smooth visuals and an immersive viewing experience. Here’s a breakdown of the key features that differentiate each model:

HMD Pulse Pro: This powerhouse caters to selfie enthusiasts. It boasts a dual rear camera system with a 50MP main sensor and a 2MP depth sensor, along with a whopping 50MP selfie lens. Plus, it offers features like selfie gestures and AI Super Portrait Mode for flawless photos in any lighting. The Pulse Pro also comes with 6GB of RAM, 20W fast charging, and 128GB of storage. RRP A$299

HMD Pulse+: Striking a balance between style and functionality, the Pulse+ features a 50MP main camera for capturing those everyday moments. It boasts 4GB of RAM, 10W charging, and 128GB of storage. RRP $259

HMD Pulse: The entry-level Pulse offers exceptional value. It sports a 13MP rear camera and comes with 4GB of RAM, 10W charging, and 64GB of storage (expandable via MicroSD). RRp A $229

All three phones share some impressive common features, including:

  • Unisoc T606 processor: This ensures smooth performance for everyday tasks.
  • 5,000mAh battery: Say goodbye to low battery anxiety with this long-lasting power source.
  • IP52 dust and water resistance: Minor spills and dust won’t faze these phones.
  • Gen 1 repairability: HMD has partnered with iFixit to offer user-friendly repair kits, promoting sustainability and extending the life of your device.

Selfie Superstars: Q&A with Kirralee Thompson and Emily Saavage

The energy at the launch party reached new heights with a special Q&A session featuring renowned influencers Kirralee Thompson and Emily Saavage. Here are some key takeaways for aspiring selfie masters:

Kirralee Thompson’s Tips:

  • Lighting is key: Natural light is always your best friend. If indoors, find a well-lit area or use the Pulse Pro’s AI Super Portrait Mode for stunning results in low light.
  • Find your angles: Experiment with different angles to flatter your features. The HMD Pulse series’ front-facing cameras offer a wide field of view, perfect for group selfies.
  • Embrace the editing magic: Don’t be afraid to enhance your selfies with the built-in editing tools on the HMD Pulse phones. A few tweaks can take your selfies from good to great!

Emily Saavage on Utilizing the Phone’s Features:

  • Master the Selfie Gestures (HMD Pulse Pro only): No more awkward button presses! With a wave of your hand or a thumbs up, you can activate the camera on the Pulse Pro for effortless selfies.
  • Explore the Portrait Mode: Both the Pulse Pro and Pulse+ boast a Portrait Mode that blurs the background, putting the focus on you. This is perfect for creating professional-looking headshots.
  • Don’t underestimate the Power Button: A quick double-press of the power button on any HMD Pulse phone can launch the camera instantly, so you never miss a capture-worthy moment.

The HMD Pulse series launch party was a resounding success, leaving attendees excited about the future of smartphones. With their emphasis on affordability, repairability, and user experience, the HMD Pulse, Pulse+, and Pulse Pro are poised to make a significant mark in the mobile market.