Grain Bar is reborn with a new cocktail menu that is sure to get you excited

Grain Bar Sydney | Four Seasons Hotel Sydney
Grain Bar Sydney | Four Seasons Hotel Sydney

Let me tell you about a night out I had at the newly revamped Grain Bar! It’s not your typical hotel bar anymore. They’ve taken things up a notch and it’s now this stylish, vibrant place that’s buzzing with energy. It’s like stepping into a glamorous movie set, with a touch of old-school elegance thrown in for good measure.

The bartenders there are incredible! They’re all these talented mixologists from all over the world – India, Italy, Vietnam, you name it. Each one brings their own cultural flair to the table, and let me tell you, the cocktails are amazing! We’re talking fresh ingredients, creative presentations, and explosions of flavour. It’s like taking a taste bud vacation around the world, all while staying in the heart of Sydney.

Their new Beverage Manager, Sarath Nair, is an award-winning bartender himself, and he’s put together a killer team. Their drink names are pretty cool too – Pot Au Feu, Curry Leaf Tiny Tini, Pina Fizz – they’re like little works of art!

But Grain Bar isn’t just about the drinks. They’ve got some seriously cool entertainment going on now too. One night it might be live electro swing with a saxophone, another night it could be DJs or even magicians. It’s like a full-on theatrical cocktail experience!

And let’s not forget the food! They’ve got a brand new menu with delicious bites to pair with your drinks. We’re talking Smoked Duck on Bao Buns, Tuna Tartare Cones, even a fancy version of a Bloody Mary! They’ve got something for everyone.

I spoke to the General Manager, Uday Rao, and he was saying that they’re really excited about the relaunch. They want Grain Bar to be a place where locals and visitors alike can come to create memories and have a fantastic time. With their killer cocktails, lively atmosphere, and friendly staff, I have no doubt they’ll be packed every night!

The “Pot Au Feu” cocktail by Hai Ha is an homage to the iconic Vietnamese dish, Pho, encapsulating its essence in a meticulously crafted beverage. Inspired by the rich flavours and aromatic spices of Pho’s soulful broth, this cocktail embodies a fusion of Vietnamese tradition and Sydney’s vibrant spirit.

Using Gin as the primary spirit, the cocktail mirrors Pho’s clear yet complex broth, infused with subtle notes of cloves, cinnamon, and star anise. Meticulously crafted with a house-made beef broth and local Australian Gin, Pot Au Feu offers bold components while maintaining exceptional purity and balance.

Hai Ha’s dedication to this creation transcends borders, blending Vietnamese roots with Sydney’s culture. Through Pot Au Feu, imbibers embark on a sensorial journey, celebrating the craftsmanship and cross-cultural connections between Vietnam and Sydney.

This ain’t your grandma’s martini! The Curry Leaf Tiny Tini, by Sarath, is a unique twist on the classic cocktail that celebrates the rich flavours of India.

Inspired by the diverse culinary landscape of India, Sarath uses curry leaves, a staple in South Indian cuisine, to elevate the martini experience. A special curry leaf cordial and a touch of oil add a soulful depth to the drink, without overpowering the classic martini base.

It’s all about balance here. Just like a perfectly seasoned Indian dish, each element plays its part in harmony. This cocktail is a testament to the idea that simplicity when thoughtfully crafted, can be incredibly complex.

Sanjeev’s “Pina Fizz” cocktail offers a refreshing and sophisticated twist on the classic Pina Colada, inspired by the tropical allure of Australia’s sun-soaked landscapes. This cocktail features a thoughtful combination of elements, including Rum as a base for sweetness and character, coconut, and roasted pineapple soda, evoking a virtual trip to tropical shores.

Topping it off is a homemade popcorn foam, adding a whimsical touch and another layer of flavour to transform each sip into a multi-dimensional delight. Sip and savour as you’re transported to a world where tropical breezes mingle with the aroma of freshly popped corn, indulging in the magic of flavours and childhood curiosities.

Pablo’s “Heart of the Garden” cocktail is a tribute to his cross-cultural journey from Chile to distant lands, inspired by the Japanese art of Ikebana. Drawing from Ikebana’s principles of harmony, minimalism, and seasonal reverence, Pablo crafts a cocktail that mirrors the essence of this venerable art form.

The heart of his creation is a meticulous blend of seeds, roots, leaves, fruits, and flowers, each contributing bold, natural flavours that dance together in perfect harmony. With floral, citric, and savoury notes, the cocktail unfolds on the palate like a stroll through a vibrant spring garden, offering a crispy mouthfeel reminiscent of the awakening of a new season.

More than just a drink, “Heart of the Garden” is a celebration of cross-cultural connections, the changing seasons, and the beauty of nature encapsulated in a glass, inviting drinkers to experience the marriage of cultures and the artistry that blooms when diverse influences come together.