Furi is offering 50% off award winning Furi Stone Knife Blocks until 30 Sep 2023.

Furi Stone Knife Blocks
Furi Stone Knife Blocks
Special offer: Furi is offering 50% off award-winning Furi Stone Knife Blocks until 30 September, click here and add the discount code GDA23 at checkout.

Furi, Australia’s market-leading knife brand, has been recognised at the prestigious Good Design Awards for its innovative Stone Knife Block. The Furi Stone Blocks received a Good Design Award Winner Accolade in the Product Design category for outstanding design and innovation. Designed in Australia, local Furi design engineers set out to create a knife block that stood apart in aesthetic design, form and function.

The innovative and unconventional use of a moulded composite terrazzo stone material, balanced with purposeful minimalist design, has resulted in a contemporary knife block that harmoniously fits any kitchen, even as interior trends evolve and change.

Kitchens have become the heart of the home, with everyone from cooking enthusiasts to home cooks proudly displaying the tools of their craft as a bold statement. This combined with modern interior trends of stone and other natural finishes, inspired Furi to look for alternative materials and unique shapes that harmoniously match modern interiors to display the high-carbon Japanese stainless steel alloy knives.

For over 25 years, Furi has been at the forefront of innovation and design, leading the growth in knife and block performance. The premium Australian knife brand focuses on an artistically engineered approach and a deep understanding of quality knife materials manufacturing. Over the years, knife blocks have predominately been constructed from timber, with Furi designers countering the increased timber manufacturing costs with a new design that has effectively reinvigorated the category and will continue to challenge the norm with moulded knife blocks into the future.

“We are proud of our leadership in challenging convention and in turn driving the category forward to create a knife block that is not only aesthetically pleasing from a design standpoint, as a gorgeous statement piece for any modern kitchen, but it is truly a cut above, breaking the mould, both figuratively and functionally when it comes to knife storage”, said Greg Doyle, Group Product Manager, Fackelmann Housewares.

Furi entered two shapes of moulded stone knife blocks, the first shape expresses the form of the iconic Furi knife handle, whilst the second radial design takes its shape from emerging interior design aesthetics. The Furi knife handle, in a rectangular silhouette with angular facets and softened edges, speaks to the emerging trend of ‘soft brutalism’ in furniture and decor. The second radial design takes shape from emerging interior design aesthetics. Trends inspire the fluted circular shape in cabinetry and vertical surfaces.

Both designs facilitate easy and safe storage of knives with stability integrally built in, keeping the centre of gravity controlled and fully concealed blades to avoid unintended touches. The knife blocks are cast for a flexible design that would differentiate against timber blocks, and adding dimensional precision came with the added benefit of repeatability that would not incur increased costs.

“To be recognised with an Australian Good Design Award tells the world this project not only represents design excellence but also surpasses design innovation and design impact criteria. The Good Design Award is an independent endorsement of professional design quality,” said Dr. Brandon Gien, CEO of Good Design Australia and Chair of the Australian Good Design Awards.

Artfully crafted, the colour and textures in the terrazzo material with wood accents complement modern kitchen designs, creating a stunning statement that keeps form and function at the forefront and supports a sustainable approach with the Knife Blocks designed to last for many years.

The knife blocks are cast to create a flexible design that would differentiate against timber blocks. The commercial composite stone material offers multiple advantages, including the material and manufacturing process allowing for many shapes, versatile designs and many colours and textures. The Furi Stone Knife Blocks have proven to be both a design and commercial success, with Australian consumers and retailers responding favourably to a new and compelling option in Knife Blocks.

The Good Design Awards Jury commented: “It’s refreshing to see the quality of materials used in the Furi Stone Blocks. The Jury loves the concept and celebrates the universal knife slot concept. The Jury commends the design team for this outstanding project and for setting the bar for good design in this category. Well done.”

“To receive such accolades from local experts in innovation and design is extremely gratifying. This innovation assists in maintaining the brand’s market-leading position for block design and allows us to be competitive internationally. These awards only make us hungrier to innovate even further, drive thoughtful design, promote continued category growth, and more importantly, continue supporting our retail partners and delighting consumers,” said Melissa Lyras, Brand Manager, Fackelmann Housewares.

To celebrate, Furi is offering 50% off award-winning Furi Stone Knife Blocks until 30 September at furiglobal.com and add the discount code GDA23 at checkout.

Why Füri is different:

  • Innovative Handle Design – the revolutionary wedge-shaped handle locks into the hand to reduce slip towards the blade.
  • The Blade – uses only high-grade Japanese stainless steel that is tougher, easier to sharpen and holds its edge longer than other alloys.
  • Super Fine Cutting Edge – All Füri knives are hand-sharpened to a 26-degree angle.
  • Optimised Bolster – Designer to taper (thin) perfectly towards the cutting edge to easily sharpen the blade from tip to heel.
  • All Stainless-Steel Construction eliminates food and dirt traps for ultimate safety and hygiene.
  • 25-Year Guarantee – we stand by the quality of our knives, giving you the confidence that your trusty knives will stand the test of time.