Nonna on Demand: Birra Moretti delivers authentic Italian feasts

Birra Moretti | Deliver a Nonna
Birra Moretti | Deliver a Nonna

Birra Moretti, the most popular beer in Italy, is coming to Melbourne in January to bring a genuine Italian cultural experience. For more than 160 years, Birra Moretti has been offering beer enthusiasts an authentic taste of Italy, including its culture, traditions, and cuisine.

As part of its “Deliver-a-Nonna” service, Birra Moretti is inviting people from Melbourne to experience the Italian way of life and offering an opportunity to have an authentic Italian meal and learn how to live “la bella vita” in the comfort of their own home. The Italian Nonnas will create an authentic meal and teach Australians how to enjoy life the Italian way.

Australians love Italian food and spending time with their loved ones, but they don’t always have the chance to enjoy the continental style. Birra Moretti’s Nonnas are here to bring families and friends together and share a delicious feast while passing down the generational knowledge and rich culture of the Italian way of life.

Taking place from today until 11 February, Moretti’s “Deliver-a-Nonna” service will celebrate the brands’ authentic Italian heritage, encourage the celebration of Italian culture, offering the people of Melbourne an opportunity to experience a fully immersive experience via one of three authentic Italian dining experiences, personally crafted by Italian grandmothers in the comfort of their own homes.

Nonna will be hitting the streets of Melbourne in a classic Fiat 500 and will arrive at your house with everything she needs to make a three-course meal for you and four friends paired with Birra Moretti. For aspiring chefs, the knowledgeable Nonna will also be on hand to share traditional skills and best-kept secrets during the evening to help guests recreate the dishes for themselves and their loved ones at home in the future.

Anna Pascuzzo of Rosa’s Traditional Italian Cooking & Classes, dedicated to Nonna, says, “A shared meal at the table is at the heart of Italian culture, and I’m excited to share this with the rest of Melbourne. In every recipe enjoyed throughout the Birra Moretti experience, you’ll find not just ingredients, but a legacy of love, family tradition passed down through generations and a taste of what it’s like to live authentically Italian.”

To join the Birra Moretti celebration and stand a chance to win a unique Italian dining experience, purchase a six pack of Birra Moretti at your local bottle shop and visit to enter.