Unveiling the heart of Orange: Charles Simons and the flourishing Mayfield Vineyard.

Charles Simons | Mayfield Vineyard
(c) Jimmy W | Mayfield Vineyard

In the rolling hills of Orange, New South Wales, a hidden gem emerges from the fertile soil, capturing the essence of the region’s beauty and the passion of its people. At the heart of this enchanting landscape stands Mayfield Vineyard, a haven of exceptional winemaking overseen by the visionary General Manager and Director, Charles Simons. Stepping onto the grounds of Mayfield Vineyard feels like entering a realm where nature’s artistry and human dedication intertwine, creating not just exquisite wines, but a sense of belonging for the community.

A Journey Across Continents and Vintages

Charles Simons’ journey to becoming a revered figure in the wine industry began with his studies in viticulture at Stellenbosch University in South Africa. This formative experience was the cornerstone of a career that led him to explore vineyards and wineries across the globe. From the sun-soaked landscapes of South Africa to the rolling hills of New Zealand, and the diverse terroirs of Australia and beyond, Charles immersed himself in the art of winemaking, gathering knowledge and refining his craft.

Over the years, his dedication and expertise have garnered recognition, including prestigious titles such as “Viticulturist of the Year” in New Zealand and Australia. Charles’ commitment to sustainable practices and his profound understanding of the relationship between soil, climate, and grape production have set him apart as a true steward of the land.

  • Viticulturist of the Year New Zealand 2009 (Craggy Range)
  • Viticulturist of the Year in Orange, Australia 2015 (Philip Shaw Wines)
  • Top 50 Young Gun of Wine for Viticulture, All of Australia (2020, 2021)
  • Australian Farmer of the Year runner up (2022)

Mayfield Vineyard: Where Elegance Meets Terroir

What sets Mayfield Vineyard apart is its unique position as one of the highest vineyards in the Orange region, with elevations reaching up to 970 meters above sea level. This extraordinary terroir influences every aspect of the winemaking process, contributing to the distinct character of each bottle. The vineyard’s commitment to producing Single Vineyard wines reflects its dedication to authenticity and the genuine expression of the land.

In the heart of Orange, a region known for its cool climate and diverse soils, Mayfield Vineyard produces wines that epitomize elegance, refinement, and vivacity. The winery’s approach is rooted in sustainable practices and minimal intervention, allowing the wines to speak for themselves while honouring the environment.

A Symphony of Achievements and Challenges

For Charles Simons, the journey to shaping Mayfield Vineyard into the acclaimed establishment it is today wasn’t without its challenges. Managing various facets of the business while maintaining a consistent commitment to quality demanded time, effort, and resilience. However, his proudest moments shine through the challenges. Recent accolades for Mayfield Vineyard’s wines, including their Sauvignon Blanc earning a spot in the “Top 100 Australian Wines in the UK,” have been affirmations of the team’s dedication to their craft.

  • 2022 Sauvignon Blanc – Top 100 Australian wines in the UK 2023/24
  • 2022 – Eighteen Fifteen Chardonnay 95 point Halliday Wine Companion
  • 2022 – Backyard Riesling 94 Points Halliday Wine Companion
  • 2022 – Block 14 Chardonnay 95 Points – Wine Orbit
  • 2022 Thomas Chardonnay 95 Points – Wine Orbit
  • 2022 William Pinot Noir 96 Points – Wine Orbit

Favourites That Enchant the Palate

When visitors step into Mayfield Vineyard’s cellar door, they’re welcomed not just by exceptional wines but by stories that breathe life into each bottle. Charles’ top three favourites, the Block 14 Chardonnay, William Pinot Noir, and Backyard Riesling, encapsulate the essence of the vineyard’s philosophy. The Block 14 Chardonnay entices with its narrative and the love for the varietal it carries. The William Pinot Noir tells a tale of a distinct approach and similarity to renowned winemaking regions. And the Backyard Riesling, well, it’s simply Riesling—pure, refreshing, and full of character.

A Taste of Now: Block 14 Chardonnay and the Perfect Pairing

As the seasons change, so do the preferences of wine enthusiasts. Charles’ current favourite, the Block 14 Chardonnay, offers an experience that harmonizes with beautifully cooked seafood or stands boldly on its own. This wine encapsulates the dedication and innovation that Mayfield Vineyard embodies, inviting all who sip it to join in the celebration of Orange’s bountiful terroir.

Charles Simons and Mayfield Vineyard are more than just figures in the wine industry; they are the embodiment of community, passion, and the ever-evolving journey of winemaking. As Mayfield Vineyard’s wines grace glasses and hearts, they weave a narrative that extends beyond taste, creating connections that bridge continents and generations, uplifting all who become part of this exquisite story.

Mayfield Vineyard
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Thursday – Sunday: 11am – 5pm
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