VIP paint and sip experience at The Old Melbourne Gaol. Champainting® Your Mate.


Champainting® has done it again, this time launching a brand new, world-first VIP paint and sip experience at The Old Melbourne Gaol, Victoria’s oldest surviving prison, this Halloween. This experience mixes creativity and history as you step back into time and the world of Ned Kelly and Chopper Read.

On your arrival, you’ll be met by one of the Gaol’s prison guards for processing before you’re taken through the Gaol’s famous lockup where you’ll learn what it was like for the petty crims in the 1800’s, albeit while enjoying an arrival drink. But be warned, don’t get caught drinking your prison brew or Instagramming from your burner phone as it’ll be straight to the hole for you!

After processing and being shown around your new home during your stint, you’ll be let out to the rec’ room in the heart of The Old Melbourne Gaol where you’ll unleash your inner artist guided by Champainting’s talented team. You’ll be taught step-by-step how to create your very own masterpiece of your muse, aka your cellmate. And we just learnt, that someone must have bribed the warden because you’ll also enjoy a grazing station and bottomless drinks while serving your time.

Melinda Janiszewski, founder of Champainting® says: “We’re very excited to launch this World First experience at The Old Melbourne Gaol. At Champainting we’re always looking to elevate and bring something new and unique to our guests, and this immersive and interactive experience is exactly that. We’re mixing creativity with history for a night you won’t forget.”

After you’ve completed your masterpiece it’ll be time to put your escape plan into action and make a hasty exit. Contrary to popular belief, Champainting encourages you to boast about your escape so they can charge your Instagram followers with being an accessory after the fact!

Paint Your Mate – Halloween Twist
Thursday 26 October, 6:30 pm
Old Melbourne Gaol
377 Russell Street, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
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