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Woodfolk Natural Accessories

Recently, I was invited to meet and interview Woodfolk founder and designer, Julia Denes. A global conscious and inspiring woman who works with families in Nepal to make hand-made pieces, ranging from ceramics and wooden hangings to stoneware, jewellery, hand-woven bags and linen scarves.

“Inspired by feelings of warmth and airiness synonymous with Spring, the collection using sustainable materials that is helpful and kind to the environment”. says Julia.

It was quoted that Woodfolk offers opportunity through social entrepreneurship, working with skilled artisans in Nepalese communities to create natural products that complement and enhance a woman’s natural beauty and femininity and brings warmth into the home.

Woodfolk Spring Flow Collection

Julia Denes has a background in fine jewellery and has worked with some well know Sydney’s jewellers as a designer and worked with diamonds and gemstones, but was drawn to wood and ceramics. These materials had more meaning and has a more compassionate approach to lifestyle accessories.

“Spring flow is the fourth collection in the naturally jewellery, accessories and homewares for the globally conscious person, who cares where the piece is from”.

Ceramics are all handmade and each one comes out differently, which is great not to have the exact same replica from a factory.  The ceramics are made in Australia and the wood is from and made in Nepal. The wood that is used is called, Sisoo wood, a Nepalese hard wood and part of the Rosewood family. Plantation grown and fast growing in Nepal and across South East Asia. Most commonly used for high end furniture making and marine-grade plywood.

The collaboration of the ceramic and wood is bond between the Nepalese family and Julia. The pieces go beyond being a beautiful product it really about helping communities and being ethical, using natural materials that are sustainable.

Scarves are 100% linen, use of non toxic dyes and created by using a traditional hand-looming machine.

All Woodfolk pieces are packaged in 100% cotton pouches that have been handmade by a wonderful women’s organisation in Nepal. 100% recycled paper, and traditional ink and hand pressed stamps for all of their branding and packaging.

“Our collaboration with Nepalese artisans ensures full transparency from makers to the materials we use,” she added. “We are proud to be an active member of the Fair Trade Association of Australia and strive to encourage ethical fashion choices amongst consumers.”

Whilst the jewellery does appeal to the women, but men do enjoy the homeware side of things, bringing a unisex balance to the collection. “Feminine, earthy, authentic” described by Julia is what the collection represents, a different lifestyle that is more honest to yourself and what you bring into your home.

I personally find the collection an exploration or even a discovery to one’s self conscious act to what people buy and keep. I would love to see Woodfolk to expand to the men accessories, as the quality and versatility in endless.

You’ll wear them every day, because you love them

Woodfolk Natural Accessories
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