What’s on your Fork Australia? Stanley Rogers celebrate 90yrs of diversity, cutlery and food.

Stanley Rogers - What's on your Fork?
? Joe Cheng | Stanley Rogers

Stanley Rogers, an iconic Australian brand that has brought cherished cutlery to millions of Australians for close to a century, has today launched its ‘What’s On Your Fork?’ campaign, celebrating Australia’s rich diverse cuisine culture. The campaign encourages Australians to share their family history through photos of meals that are an important part of their culture, highlighting the importance that food plays in providing comfort and a link between generations for millions of families across the country.

We’re proud to celebrate Australia’s diverse cuisine culture. Like our founder Stanley Rogers, at least one quarter of the Australian population was born overseas or are the children of migrants, bringing with them a rich tapestry of recipes, cooking styles and culinary traditions. Over time, Australia’s appetite for freshness and flavours has grown through the introduction of different ingredients, dishes and fusions. ‘What’s On Your Fork Australia?’ sets out to celebrate all Australians through one thing that always brings us together – food!

It is hoped that by embracing and celebrating this diversity through storytelling and recipe sharing throughout the generations, it will also encourage Australians to try a new recipe or perfect an old family favourite.

Entree Receipe: Espaguetis con Gambas

By sharing images of ‘What’s On Your Fork?’ to Stanley Rogers’ Instagram account (@stanley.rogers) and using the hashtag #WhatsOnYourForkAustralia, you can share in a wide variety of prizes. Each week for 6 weeks, Stanley Rogers will be giving away multiple prizes of cutlery, cookware and knives to the best images and engaging stories, culminating in a grand prize. Click here for further details on how you can enter and win. Don’t forget to tag @travel.lifestyleblog on Instagram, as I’m curious about your delicious food.

This campaign is part of Stanley Rogers’ 90th Anniversary celebrations as a home-grown Australian success-story, built off the back of an immigrant’s arrival into Australia. Born Shaul Rogowaj and raised in Poland, he arrived in Australia in 1926 and like many of his generation, changed his name to assimilate into the local community. Shortly thereafter, Stanley Rogers put his new name to the eponymous brand.

“Today, as a truly multicultural society, food is tied very closely to so many things – family heritage, memories, feelings and emotions that are often hard to describe, but mean the world to us,” said Greg Doyle, brand and product manager, Stanley Rogers.

“Today, perhaps more than ever, food is both our comfort and our opportunity to share with others our family’s culture, and the stories of success and struggle that so many families have gone through. ‘What’s on your fork?’ is perhaps the best way we can celebrate 90 years of Stanley Rogers given his own personal journey and the role our iconic cutlery has played over the years in the kitchens of Australians from all walks of life.”

Well-known Australian actor Dan Ewing fell in love with the Macedonian culture after being introduced to it through his long-time partner, fellow actor Kat Risteska. Her family emigrated to Australia in the late 1950’s as her grandfather explored greater work opportunities, bringing a rich heritage that has been passed down through the generations to Kat, and is regularly brought to life through food.

In being part of the ‘What’s On Your Fork?’ initiative, Kat and Dan cooked Moussaka, a dish meaningful to Kat as she remembers watching her grandmother and mother cook the same dish for family occasions big and small.

According to Risteska; “every time I make moussaka I think of my grandmother and often have my mother around as we cook together. I learned how to cook by watching my mother in the kitchen. The recipe changes every time as there is no book and a loose interpretation of how much salt and other ingredients should be added! But I guess that’s also what makes it so special, so meaningful. It really is cooked with love.

“My Grandparents were farmers in a village called Bitola in Macedonia. They emigrated here in 1968 when my mother was two years old to start a better life for their children. They worked hard to build a good life for all of us. We celebrate that through our food in many ways, hosting big family events when we can and coming together.

According to Ewing; “there are so much passion and creativity that goes into Macedonian cooking which makes it so special, the culture and love really translates through the food. Watching Kat and her mother cook together is a special thing to witness, and I am so lucky to have been embraced by her family and learn about her culture.

So Australia, “What’s On Your Fork”?