The Wellness Essentials for Every Trip

wellness essentials
wellness essentials

As someone who has a meticulous health and beauty regime, I understand maintaining some sort of routine whilst you are travelling can be difficult. You want to eliminate items that take up too much space but not sacrifice comfort and good health. It’s not as impossible as it sounds, and below are the tried-and-true items I’ll be taking on my trip to New Caledonia.

The Base Collective Magnesium Oil
The Base Collective is a natural skincare range based largely around the use of magnesium oil. Their Magnesium Oil Spray is a convenient way to safely increase your magnesium levels which may assist with muscle fatigue, cramps, sleepless and stress management – all problems that may arise when travelling. The spray is easy on the skin and quick to absorb, or can be washed off after 20 minutes for similar effects. When flying is part of your travel plans, one always has to be mindful that liquid beauty products are airport friendly. Being packaged in a 125ml bottle means that this item isn’t allowed into hand luggage on a flight but it does fit easily in a cosmetics bag for everyday use. AUD $21.00

KraveGone Spray
When I’m travelling, I find it’s easy to fall into the habit of eating whatever I see to get my sweet fix. To avoid this, I’ll be reaching for KraveGone Spray. Designed to help curb those 3pm sugar cravings, it’s a natural oral spray packaged in a hassle free 50ml bottle – the ideal size to slip into your handbag or jacket pocket. What’s best is that the spray is all natural, made with active ingredients like peppermint oil. I’m generally not a fan of peppermint but the spray isn’t overpowering and leaves your breath fresh. AUD $24.99.

ROC Eyewear
ROC Eyewear knows the go when it comes to sunglasses. Their glasses are glamourous and completely on trend and I particularly love their Spoiled range. With a subtle cat eye frame, the glasses are sleek but bold, and I’ve constantly got something to protect my eyes in any condition. When you have to pack light, the glasses can easily play up your look by adding a bit of glam. Plus, these fashion-forward sunnies are a great accessory for your holiday Instagram pics. Selfie anyone? Spoiled Mirror Lens AUD $50.00

Duit Tough Hands
I normally keep hand moisturiser in my handbag at all times so I like to make sure I have a little bottle in my carry on when I travel. Duit Tough Hands does all the work to prevent my skin from becoming cracked and dry. It’s quite thick so it doesn’t absorb very quickly but it does create a good protective barrier to hold moisture in the skin. AUD $11.95

Duit VE+ Face Cream
It’s easy to let your skincare routine fall out of whack whilst travelling, so an application of face cream can go a long way. Duit VE + Face Cream is a rich moisturising face cream infused with 6 x normal vitamin E concentration. It’s easy to apply and quite revitalising, especially after your skin has been exposed to unfavourable conditions. The composition is quite thick but it can still be used under makeup too. Keeping this in my carry on ensures my skin is always hydrated.  AUD $12.95