The Journey Continues: Virtual Success Summit, Series Two

Success Summit 2
Success Summit 2

Last week we talked about the importance of starting a journey of self-development, as outlined in the free Virtual Success Summit Seminar hosted by Tony Robbins and Success Resources.

This online leadership conference continues with these core ideas in their second series outlining strategies and ideas behind Business and Entrepreneurship.

By taking the thoughts behind learning from your network and using an intrinsic motivation to push forward with your own success, this week interviews a whole new set of industry leaders to add some practicality to the more abstract ideas. This provides more of a blueprint of tangible action to those intently taking notes.

Who are the teachers this time? Some of the most popular faces on Shark Tank (United States) give specific examples and lessons from their own experiences. Entrepreneurial superstar Sara Blakely who discusses the combination of focus, perspective, and execution which applies to her internationally recognized brand, Spanx. Finally, this is all tied together by Entrepreneurial Expert and Life Coach, Dean Graziosi who explains the practicality of sales and persuasion. Each speaker extends, with their own knowledge, the teachings from the first week’s seminar. With a real focus on embracing authenticity and a focus on adding value in order to grow within your business and career.

The first shark to take the stage is none other than Robert Herjavec. For those who are unaware, Robert grew to success within the cybersecurity field and is adamant that it is best to know a lot about one thing, rather than focussing a little on lots of things. Robert starts off with “the key to getting anywhere is showing up”. Implying that half the battle is seizing opportunities that are presented to you, as other people who may be in the exact same position will dismiss those same opportunities. For example, even by reading this series of summary posts on Travel & Lifestyle, you are ahead of those who just scrolled past the title link. The power of your presence in each opportunity comes from the internal motivation in series one and applies that to utilizing this new skill in reaching the highest levels of success. Essentially, even if you feel that you are incapable of seizing those opportunities, it is up to you to absorb the feelings you may have and understand your own power to move ahead of those who don’t even try.

What if you feel that you lack resources in order to proceed? Well in Robert’s case, he explains that “if you have no money, increase your knowledge”. This is a concept of “doing with what you have today to make things happen”. By increasing your understanding around those topics of personal interest, you will gain self-confidence through the knowledge you attain which, in turn, adds to the intrinsic motivational machine. Once you have obtained enough information and are confident with your growth, this then plays into Robert’s definition of an “expert” which is “when someone is willing to pay for your opinion”.

The next Shark to speak is Mr. Wonderful himself, Kevin O’Leary. Kevin discusses that, at the core, best business practices come from total honesty. Honesty being the combination of “transparency, openness, and storytelling”. If you are able to articulate and communicate your position on a particular subject, you will succeed in building a relationship and increasing your business opportunities. Internally you can build an understanding of your honest self by setting and achieving your own goals. However, these goals need to be translated into targets for those within your business or with those you decide to work with. These targets must be seen as completely achievable as this will “improve results”. “Increase profit”, “reduce turnover” (from a managerial perspective), and “improve organizational culture” (for those working their career path).

Daymond John is the last of the three sharks to take the virtual stage and he mirrors the sentiments of Mr. Wonderful. Though, with his own personalized approach. His spin on achieving targets is echoed by the idea behind goal setting as a meditation tool. Essentially, Daymond believes that in order to succeed, you must set goals that are far away and out of reach. Then, by instilling a goal-setting routine, you are able to make those long and lofty goals more attainable over the years. This habit forms the practice of resetting your goals over time, leading to daily action and long term success. As mentioned in Series 1, it is important to continually fail in order to add value to your internal drive. These failures, Daymond mentions, are part of his process in terms of perpetual learning and moving through each opportunity as a lesson instead of giving up on your own personal progress.

One perspective that was truly insightful to me was Forbes Listed (Awarded 2019’s Self Made Woman), Sara Blakely. Her story of success as a woman provided some true insight into the many obstacles one can face when taking on a project that you believe in. Her thesis on this presentation is that sales strategy is part of everyday life and is an important muscle to exercise. This in particular focuses on selling a problem you are solving and not by pushing a product. She then encourages all to take on the art of original thinking. More importantly, to explore those ideas that you think no one would encourage or believe in. Because this is how she went from being a door to door saleswoman to owning a shapewear brand that is in 65 countries. She goes on to explain, “when you are doing something that hasn’t been done before, you will run into obstacles” and this knowledge will help you push through objections or barriers to your business or entrepreneurial idea. In these instances, your lack of knowledge in a market may end up benefiting you, as you may start to ask questions that have never been asked before. Leading to new frontiers and original success.

The ideas and thoughts of the other presenters, I feel, are best combined into the ideals behind sales and persuasion fleshed out by Dean Graziosi. His ideas extend the honesty topic earlier described in a way that says “authenticity is key”. His feelings on the subject are that there are three key steps to the are part of business growth. These being; “foundations, enthusiasm, and authenticity”. More specifically, this process is described in a way of starting with “loving what you do so much, that you feel as if you are doing people a disservice if they say no” (foundation). From there, he believes that when you naturally care for your service or product, you “love what you do so much, it creates enthusiasm”. By combining these, it allows you to explore yourself a little more and dive “deeper into your own authenticity”. By tapping into that authentic self, you will grow empathy towards others leading to a deeper understanding of their needs. Translating directly into business practice as, “people buy from you and respect you if they feel understood, not when they understand you”. So by being authentic, you will not have to try to get people to understand where you are coming from, as your enthusiasm around the subject will naturally expose your feelings of sincerity.

Moving forward across all of the speakers, they make the impossible seem attainable. If you start your journey of self-development, naturally you will discover what truly creates that spark of internal motivation. With this newfound passion, the idea of obsessing over the needs of your clients and relationships begin to feel natural. It is through this evolution that you begin to empathize and connect with those around you to bring them value. Not just a product or service. With your understanding of people and clients expanding, your sense of anticipation of needs will grow. From there, the possibilities and opportunities will keep coming your way.