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Success Summit
Success Summit

Recently, many of us have found an excess of time in the past few weeks. Yes, I may be just like everyone else with the binge of nostalgic shows on Netflix, however, it can be said that the new “normal” is a fantastic opportunity to continue on, or begin, a path of self-development and growth.

Success seminars and conferencing are undergoing immense change leaving many people looking for their own resources to establish their own motivational journey from the comfort of their homes. One such tool available in the Virtual Success Summit hosted by an organisation under the name of Success Resources and the personal development figurehead, Tony Robbins.

Success Resources state that they intend to be The world’s leading provider of life-changing education. They have been able to adapt their model to continue to achieve this goal and reach millions of invested individuals who all have their own quarantine/isolation experience. Over the span of the next three weeks, online seminars are being released to cover topics such as breakthroughs, business entrepreneurship and leadership. These lessons are passed on through the presentations and discussions hosted by industry leaders and prominent world figures. Personally, the speakers of most interest include; Tom Brady,, Jay Shetty, Russel Brand, Pitbull, Tony Robbins and Sir Richard Branson. For a full list of these speakers, you can find these here.

Attending the summit from home has provided some sense of schedule and meaning to an otherwise mundane groundhog day situation. Having hours and hours of content to sift through allows for an opportunity to use this extra time for the better. It does seem, however, that even though everyone seems to have a “clear schedule”, some may not have the freedom to commit to hours of video.

Fret not, because I am here to break down each seminar and provide the key lessons and ideas that have given me my own personal value to take positive steps of improvement as we all look towards the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel.

Series One, titled “Breakthroughs”, seems like the perfect way to kick things off as much of the discussion is about taking action and deciding when to begin your own journey of self-discovery. The main focus across the six speakers circle an intentionally created change that identifies personal strategies that will hopefully lead people to create their own success. While watching this, I was able to connect the dots across each speaker and define the two main points that were most important to me.

The first point is that people are able to learn from, and build with, the network around them. Starting with NFL superstar Tom Brady, he opens the discussion by bringing up the concept of “proximity is power” and that in order to be the best you can be, you must “take the time to learn from others”. This is extremely powerful as he relates these ideas to the story of his rise to be the most winning Super Bowl Quarterback in NFL history. During this time, he discusses how the people around him contributed to constant improvement by challenging his thought process and questioning his ideals. Which goes to show if you surround yourself in the right circles, they will help you grow by providing perspective and external influences on your personal growth.

These ideals are echoed by who states that “your global perspective is based on your network” and that this network of people “expands your mind by introducing new ideas”. He continues by explaining that if you constantly surround yourself with the same people, your thought process will never change and this will ultimately stunt your personal ideals. To become truly “global” your mind must be open to questions that you may not have been able to come up with yourself.

This concept is fleshed out even further by former monk and motivational speaker, Jay Shetty. Shetty speaks on ways to collect data by utilising your network and gain insight in order to move forward. This momentum creates lessons from the feedback that your immediate circle can provide. In his words, doing this will allow you to “build from the teachings within your community” and help you discover your own personal purpose and direction.

Out of left field comes the story of Russel Brand and how he was able to adapt addiction and the 12 step plan into a process of self-reflection and personal development. Here, he constantly stresses the importance of admitting personal shortcomings and using this understanding to reach out and ask for help from those around you. Much like the previous speakers, the idea that if the people you reach out to are part of a constructive environment and will ultimately stimulate your own personal growth.

The conclusion to this point is cemented by both International Superstar, Pitbull and life coach leader, Tony Robbins. Pitbull discusses the importance of simple phrases of which to live life. Including the mantra; “Tell me who you hang with, I will tell you who you are”. Delving deeper into this, he mentions how you can drive your progress by picking your own circles and leaning on those around you to establish key connections that will ultimately benefit you on your journey of success. Tony Robbins then builds on this concept by sharing the idea that as you become more invested within the circles around you, you will start to achieve more personally by improving on those relationships.

After identifying your network and seeing their impact on your personal growth and development, it is important to realise that; the people around you will have no meaning unless you decide on your own internal growth. No one can make these changes for you (though they may be able to steer you in the right direction) and you must be self-driven to learn from your mistakes in order to continuously move forward.

Circling back to Tom Brady, he is a prime example of “being your own competitor” within an extremely athletic environment and using preparation through training to develop a positive mental outlook. Which ultimately, “paints your future”. His own personal mantra is mentioned as “I can be better” and is used to establish a habit of perpetual improvement. then tactfully dances around the question of where the inspiration behind his music comes from; with the statement “I am my own energy”. I took this to mean that, your internal drive takes the emotions and feelings from within and pushes those thoughts out to those around you. An idea that helped me draw this conclusion is the concept of music. Which defines as “the spreading of muse (inspiration)”, to your surrounding audience.

These ideals are turned into a tangible process by Jay Shetty who describes continued growth and learning through “practice, processing & progressing”. Simply put, by putting things in action, you will learn what does and does not work. At which point, you are able to adapt those lessons and improve upon them even further. He continues with the concept of an “MVP” which is defined as a “Minimum Viable Product” and is given to the audience through the story of the development of social media. More specifically this focuses on Facebook and their continual updates to drive the thought that “everything in the world did not start as the finished product” and that you must be constantly seeking your own development in order to be your best self.

Russel Brand then adds his flare around the idea that motivation cannot be influenced by an external substance (his experience relating to his previous addictions) and that “you need to admit to yourself that you are willing to take action towards change”. For me, the most important message is that understanding does not come from a single “lightbulb moment” and in fact the continual growth mentality is best represented by a “string of fairy lights” each one adding to the overall atmosphere your self improvement.

Tony Robbins then discusses with Pitbull that those seeking change must be “self aware in order to be self improved” on which Pitbull agrees and explains that the journey of being self aware is about learning through failure. He then defines his success as a combination of “patience, passion and perseverance”.

To tie this all together, as the cultivator of this informational series, Tony Robbins concludes with the importance of seeing the “power within oneself to make things happen” and that if you utilise these lessons correctly you will be able to be your own “catalyst for change”. This will ultimately control the overall quality and meaning within your life in what can be best understood as; “the meanings you create produce an emotion” which will ultimately lead you to the discovery of your own path. He then comes back to the first point by showing that your surrounding network can help you create meaning towards the things that are important to you.

Personally, these ideas could not have come at a better time. As my own journey of self discovery has just begun. Using these lessons I will be working on my own continual learning and applying them to the next two weeks of success seminars. The next of which focuses on the topic of Business and Entrepreneurship, which you can also access directly. However, you can also expect to read my own reviews and summaries as the information is released!

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