Nature when you need it. Unyoked expands to Tasmania and New Zealand.

? Cam B | Unyoked

Australian nature company, Unyoked, welcomes two first locations in Tasmania, and an international debut in New Zealand, with epic locations set for across the country from July 2022.

The outdoors startup believes that spending time out in the wilderness can unlock infinite positives for your mind, body and creativity. Given nobody appreciates the beauty of nature quite like the Kiwisor Tasmanians, the move signals an opportunity for these local communities to immerse themselves in a nature experience unlike anything before.

“I think Unyoked can be a really fantastic solution to helping people remember that nature is so accessible in NZ,” Charlie Chrisp, Unyoked New Zealand Country Manager said, “Many of us know how good it is for us, the map has always been there, yet we drive past it on our way to work or spend our weekends rushing to get a thousand things done and take it for granted. New Zealand is a special place. We’re stoked to be able to remind people to get out there and take it all in.”

Unyoked’s first NZ locations are nestled in the tropical native bush near the Bay of Islands, the wild and isolated forests of the West coast of Auckland and around the stunning Port Waikato coastline. Showcasing the beautiful and diverse natural scenery of New Zealand, the hideaways will intensify nature immersion which is scientifically proven to physically reduce stress and anxiety, improve creative problem solving, and unlock feelings of awe and perspective.

Along with New Zealand, Unyoked h has announced its long-awaited launch into Tasmania with its first two locations now available. The properties are further off-grid from the city and surrounded by the pristine southern wilderness. Designated as ‘ Further Afield’ Unyoked locations, these new properties will allow people to experience to true benefits of vast nature immersion, by getting far away from the grind in more remote and breathtaking locations on the Apple Isle.

The two new territories mark the phenomenal year on year growth of the startup, which has remained a pioneer in its industry and outdoor category. Unyoked is helping more people make a habit of going off-grid, no matter where they are, or wherever they’re going.

By placing fully off-grid hideaways in spectacular, remote areas, people can experience and access nature’s benefits without needing to be on an exclusive mountain bike adventure or cross-country hike.

The cabins use solar power, rainwater, wood fire and composting loos to leave a minimal footprint on the environment.

To find these unique locations, the Unyoked team explored thousands of properties to find only the best landscapes to unlock and share with their community. The 8th generation cabin designs have been updated to accommodate fresher climates like New Zealand and Tasmania.

Since launching their business in 2016, Unyoked has blossomed into a globally recognised nature brand, connecting thousands of people with the wilderness in a convenient and effective way. With close to 50 naturally – immersive locations in Australia alone, the company has championed the public to unlock the scientifically – backed benefits of nature and see, and use it, as they do the gym or a mediation app.

The category-defining brand’s unconventional approach to inspiring more people to access nature habitually has allowed them to explore many creative avenues unavailable to their competitors. They count Matthew McConaughey as a collaborator, have released vinyl with Future Classic, founded their own record label, showcasing artists inspired by the creative benefits of the wilderness and have published a Writer’s Anthology, which attracted hundreds of submissions from the public.

The two new outposts mean more than just new locations. Unyoked is influencing positive behavioural change, and educating people on the importance of simplifying, slowing down, turning the engine off for a bit, and taking some important time for themselves.

“Nature’s something that’s too often been taken for granted, our busy lives have disconnected us from the reality of just how integral it really is to our health and happiness, let alone the planets. We believe the more we understand how it helps us with our daily lives, and the more we connect with that, the more appreciation for it we’ll have” Cam Grant, co-founder and CEO said.