HiRise for Apple Watch

Twelve South HiRise Apple Watch

Twelve South, the designers of one-of-a-kind accessories exclusively for Apple products, are pleased to announce availability of the HiRise for Apple Watch in Australia and New Zealand. The elegant, modern and metallic HiRise stand is designed to showcase your timepiece at an elevated height and angle, making it easy to view, touch and interact with even while it’s charging.

“With a device as revolutionary as Apple Watch, a lingering concern is battery life,” said Andrew Green, Creative Director of Twelve South. “HiRise makes overnight charging routine by providing a fixture that is far easier – and habit-forming – than a charging cable that falls to the floor and requires fumbling with at night. The easier and more convenient the charging stand, the better.”

Along with displaying your Apple Watch, HiRise protects both the watch, band and metal clasps with soft silicone pads and a smooth leather landing pad at the back. A silicone-lined notch neatly manages the lower portion of the Apple Watch band and carefully tucks away behind the stand, rather than letting it pile up in front. HiRise is designed to work effortlessly with your Apple Watch magnetic charging cable and conveniently installs and removes in seconds making it ideal if you are on the go or traveling.

Available in Silver or Black, this sturdy and stylish stand can be used with any style Apple Watch band, including the closed-loop metal bands, even when unbuckled or unclasped.  RRP: $69.99 AUD / $79.99 NZD

Australian Retailers: MYER, www.beezer.com.au, www.macintoshaddict.com.au, www.modlifeonline.com.au
New Zealand Retailers: Ubertec, Yoobee, MightyApe

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