10 reasons to travel solo

Travelling Solo
Travelling Solo

Guest Blogger: Jason Biondo

Have you ever traveled solo to a far-off place? While sharing a trip with your partner or friends can be super fun and exciting, traveling solo is truly a life-changing and empowering adventure that should try at least once in your life. Trust me, it’s a wonderful soul-stretching journey will leave a positive mark in your life in many different ways. Furthermore, solo travel offers a ton of perks that will make your trip even more pleasurable, memorable and euphoric.

Looking for a good reason to travel solo? Here are ten awesome reasons why you should go on a solo trip!

It’s a step outside your comfort zone

Yes, traveling solo is a tough challenge, and a step outside your cozy zone. As a matter of fact, solo travelers will have plenty of hurdles along way during their trips, including wrong turns, culture shock, home sickness, and even indecent proposals. But, guess what? These obstacles will help mold you into a better, wiser and more dynamic person. In addition, it will teach you a ton of invaluable life lessons that you won’t learn in four-cornered classrooms and universities.

Indulge in some “me time”

In a buzzing world full of electronic distractions, it can be pretty difficult for you to unplug, and take the time that’s necessary to recharge your batteries. Luckily for you, traveling solo gives you a chance to unwind, and enjoy some “me time”. Even if you’re not the type of person who fully unplugs during trips, traveling alone can give you the space and time that’s necessary to rejuvenate your weary mind, body and soul.

In addition, you will learn a lot about yourself, in a way that’s just not possible when you are in the middle of your everyday routine. As far as I’m concerned, traveling solo will give you a chance to dig deeper and take a closer look at your life – allowing you to think of your future goals with a fresher pair of eyes.

Solo travel is empowering

Solo travel is truly an empowering escapade that will give you more courage to conquer every challenge that comes your way. After surviving a solo trip, you’ll feel better about yourself as well as discover a few cool things about yourself. In fact, you can end up discovering a new talent, skill, pastime or mouthwatering food that you may not have tried if you have traveled with a group or a partner who’s setting up all the agendas for you. What’s more, traveling solo can help you get rid of your fears, anxieties and doubts.

You will learn to cherish life’s simple joys

When you are traveling solo, you’ll have a lot of time to cherish and observe the overlooked and little beautiful things that Mother Nature has bestowed upon us. The sweet melodic chirps of the birds, the stunning sunsets, fresh mountain breeze, and ocean waves – all these things seem more remarkable when you spend time traveling solo.

More immersion and less chatting

When we travel with our peeps, we’d normally do some catching up, and chat with them for hours. And while there’s nothing wrong with having a little chit-chat with a friend, it can reduce the time you will spend on immersing into the culture of the place you are visiting. A solo traveler, on the other hand, can’t help, but observe every little thing that’s happening around him or her. When you travel alone, you will be more immersed to the destination’s traditions, sounds, smells and sights than you would if you are traveling with a bunch of people.

It lets you work on your bucket list

Is there a crazy or thrilling adventure that no one is willing to try with you? Whether you are dreaming of exploring the fabulous ruins of Greece or skydiving over the Grand Canyon, solo travels offers you a chance to work on your bucket list, and do everything that your heart desires, without having to persuade other people to join you.

It makes you more appreciative of your loved ones

Solo travel is an eye-opening voyage that will make your more appreciative of your spouse, friends and family. Days and months away from your loved ones will make you make realize who important and special they are in your life. You are going to miss them badly, but you’ll come back a better and more affectionate person who’ll strive to build a stronger and deeper connection with the special people in your life.

Free from drama

Don’t want to travel with someone who constantly bickers over small stuff? Traveling solo means you won’t be going on trip with a drama princess who could ruin your trip and stir up trouble. You won’t have to fight over seat airplane assignments, restaurants and places to visit. Instead, you will have a trip that’s fun, relaxing and free from drama.

Indulge without guilt and judgment

Ever wanted to eat a whole gallon of ice-cream on your own? Let’s face it, we all have a health-conscious yogi friend who will constantly lecture us about vegetables and gluten-free diets. Likewise, we have some friends who would talk behind our back, whenever we do something crazy, wrong or stupid. When you are traveling alone, however, you get to eat anything your taste buds want, and do everything you want to do, without the prying eyes of your judgmental friends.

You are the boss

Last, but not the least, traveling solo means you are the captain of the ship. From restaurant choices to things to do, you have total control of each phase and aspect of your trip. You don’t have to strictly follow your travel itinerary because you don’t have to consider the interests and preferences of a travel partner. Plus, you are free to accept last-minute and spontaneous offers from locals and other travelers too!

Ready to take on the adventure of a lifetime? Open your travel planner now, and experience a memorable and one-of-a-kind getaway as a solo traveler!

Contributor: Jason Biondo is an amateur bodybuilder and a travel junkie who loves to share insightful tips to his fellowhealth enthusiasts and travelers. He is also a User Interface Developer Consultant and the Founder of Trekeffect.