The Hunt: Mayday Edition. Your mission starts on A one-day only outdoor game hunt is Sunday 1 May, Melbourne CBD with $16k up for grabs!

The Hunt: Mayday Edition
? Michael O | The Hunt: Mayday Edition

To celebrate the success of Experios’ latest online escape room, Mayday, a one-day-only character hunt is coming to the Melbourne CBD this May, with $16,000 worth of prizes up for grabs!

Taking place between 12pm – 3pm on Sunday 1 May, The Hunt: Mayday Edition will challenge Melburnians and self-proclaimed detectives to hunt down 1 of 3 themed Mayday game characters that appear in the virtual escape room including a pilot, a botanist and a Venus flytrap plant. However, this time they will be scattered around the Melbourne CBD and surrounding suburbs IRL.

The hunt will take place over three heart-racing rounds, each of them going for 1-hour. In each round, special clues will be posted on social media about the characters’ whereabouts, and it will be a race to find them before anyone else does.

If a day of hunting around Melbourne’s CBD wasn’t enough to get your adrenaline pumping, then perhaps three major prizes of $5,000 will do just the trick! Plus, there’s also $500 up for grabs if you post a photo of your team dressed up as anything Mayday themed on your socials and another $500 is up for grabs if you post a photo of your team in action during the hunt. So that’s a total of $16,000 in prizes on offer.

Participants of The Hunt are able to continue the fun virtually by taking advantage of a special offer which will allow them to experience the online escape room of Mayday for just $5 instead of $45, promising an online adventure filled with fun, thrills and excitement.

To learn more about The Hunt: Mayday Edition, or to register your interest, click here.

The Hunt
Melbourne CBD
Sunday 1 May 2022
Ticket Price: Free
Register online here