A delightful scented collaboration between The Botanist Gin and The Candle Library .

The Botanist Gin x The Candle Library
? The Botanist Gin x The Candle Library

Australian Gin lovers can now enjoy the fragrant scent of The Botanist Gin’s 22 botanicals in their home in the form of The Botanist Gin Candle. Partnering with the online candle marketplace, The Candle Library, The Botanist Gin has created a brand new limited edition candle, with the scent inspired by the botanicals that make up this unique gin.

This beautiful, distinctive candle can be purchased online via The Candle Library website and will make a lovely edition in the comfort of your home. Sit back and relax while treating your senses both with the scent of a candle and the flavourful taste of The Botanist Gin.

Each candle is moulded within a deep amber glass jar, sourced from an Australian business, Plasdene. Part of the Australian Packaging Covenant Action Plan and has an ongoing commitment to continuously improve how they manage their operations, activities and facilities in an environmentally responsible manner – aligning with The Botanist Gin’s sustainability efforts.

The Botanist Gin is working to reduce the impact of its operations on the environment, all with a heightened sensitivity to creating spirit on their island home. They are committed from production to disposal as a B Corp certified business. Their products and processes will leave as little impact and waste on the environment as possible.

They outline their ambitions by using packaging and minimal wastage, ensuring that their social, economic and environmental impact on the island is optimistic, with the communities at the heart of every decision made.

Each aroma takes inspiration from the botanicals used in the gin, with the scents layered in order of top, middle and base notes. The top notes are the first layer burned, setting the scene, including a mix of lime, mandarin, mint and lemon reflecting the hint of citrus, water mint and spearmint featured in the gin. The middle notes feature scents of the juniper berries and cedar, representing the main essence of the gin. The final layer of this aromatic candle boasts amber, which is very similar to the meadowsweet botanicals, providing sweetness to the aroma.

The pure fragrance of The Botanist Gin candle immediately showcases a bouquet of herbal freshness, juniper and sweet citrus from Australian botanicals, all characteristic of the 22 botanicals that are foraged from Islay for the gin itself.

When enjoying The Botanist Gin, the scent of Islay botanicals gently rises, displaying wild aromas of mint, thyme, sweet gale and camomile. With a rich and mellow flavour, cool on entry, then warming across the palate, your taste buds are stimulated with a round mouthfeel and citrus freshness. Indulge in the flavoursome experience of sipping a classic martini or a gin & tonic with the candlelit and the swell of aromas filling the room and tickling your senses.

This stunning candle by The Botanist Gin and Candle Library is available for AUD $40. The Botanist Gin 700ml can also be purchased at many major retailers for AUD $86,