Taking time out for you – the soulful guide


These days many of us lead ‘busy’ lives and we often forget to take time out ‘for me’ and simply relax. Whether it’s work, uni, taking care of the family amongst many other reasons. It’s totally ok to be a little selfish, it gives us a chance to expand our horizons, which could be as exciting as learning a new skill, treating yourself to a detox or embracing hobbies (even the weird ones) you’ve always wanted to try.

Doing something you love, or something you would love to try, will naturally make you happier. Being happy increases our sense of wellbeing and will help to release the good stuff, therefore giving us a more positive outlook on life.

Taking time for yourself can relax the mind and body. This will rejuvenate yourself, leaving you feeling a lot more productive when going back to whatever it is your ‘busy’ with.

Zero waste

Zero waste gift ideas that keeps on giving. We all care about the environment and we try to do the best we can. A small step to reducing plastic waste and leading a sustainable lifestyle. Here are a few options to look into.

* Eco Shop Co: Their gift bundles are a great idea to get started. Bundles inlcude a travel gift set, home bundles, zero waste gift pack.
* SoL Cups: Leading the way in sustainable design, reusable items and hand-blown glass, ultra-lightweight and quality products. From different size cups, bottles and plastic-free kits which some include a hemp tote bag and stainless steel straws.

Amici collective

The Traveller Tote Bag ($229) has style, functionality and well-grounded. Handmade in Australia from buttery-soft genuine leather, the minimalist Traveller Tote Bag is sized to carry all those on-the-go essentials for any woman. The Traveller Tote Bag features an internal security clip to hold your keys in place or attach the Jetsetter Passport Clutch to secure your valuables when out and about.

Just as at home in the office as it is on the road, the Traveller Tote Bag multitasks as your everyday tote in any situation.

The Amici Collective is also an ethical business that focuses on giving back to the community. As such, Amici Collective is a proud supporter of WaterAid, an international not-for-profit organisation whose aim is to make clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene normal for everyone, everywhere, within a generation. With every purchase, Amici Collective donates $1 to WaterAid Australia. $1 per purchase may seem insignificant against the scale of the challenge, but in a world where 30% of people live on just $1 a day, every dollar counts.

The Dermal Diary

Spoil mum with a luxurious Dream Mask ($100) from The Dermal Diary. Packed with active clinically proven ingredients that will revitalise, nourish, protect and reverse the damage done during the day by UV rays and pollution. Coupled with a serum, or used on its own, it’s the perfect option for overnight skin health. The star ingredients in this product amongst others are:

* Lactococcus Ferment Lysate aims to increase stimulation of skin’s renewal processes – both accelerating it and improving its quality. It can be used in formulation concepts to accelerate the recovery of the skin’s barrier function, regardless of the type of impairment (environmental stress, ageing).

* Bifida Ferment Lysate acts as a regenerating/revitalising agent, repairing agent and anti-ageing agent. Bifida Ferment Lysate is a lysate of bifidobacteria consisting of bacteria metabolism products, cytoplasm fractions, and cell wall components. It increases the repair rate of UV-irradiated keratinocytes and of living skin. Counteracts premature skin ageing. It aids in the prevention of light caused damage within the epidermal and dermal cell region.

Boost your immune defences

Naturopath Angela Cali recommends we keep our health in check and focus on boosting our immune system. With some healthy tips like incorporating natural anti-bacterial and anti-microbial herbs and spices daily in your diet.

Turmeric, garlic, clove, ginger, oregano, thyme, cinnamon and horseradish are shown to exhibit potent antibacterial properties against pathogenic organisms. These spices can be added to most dishes and adds a great flavour too! An easy way to get Turmeric into your diet is by taking TurmeriX capsules or using TurmeriX protein powder in your morning shake.

Our gut mucosa has three lines of defence against pathogenic organisms. When these barriers are broken down this leads to an invasion of unfriendly organisms. A compromised gut barrier is linked to IBS, allergies and other inflammatory disorders. Therefore we need to tighten this barrier to avoid invasion and setting off an immune response. How? With collagen (grass-fed), bone broths, glutamine, slippery elm bark and zinc.

L’OR Espresso: We all tend to buy most of our coffee from our local cafes, but what if we are given the choice to making it at home?

Barista quality coffee made in the comfort on your own home with L’OR Espresso. I use the L’OR BARISTA coffee machine. It brews two single espressos at once, or a double shot espresso in one cup with the new L’OR BARISTA double shot capsule, exclusively for the L’OR BARISTA coffee system.

With the milk frother at its side, you can indulge in a variety of milk-based coffee drinks, including espresso macchiatos and cappuccinos. With a simple touch of a button, all you need to do is insert your preferred coffee pod, heat up your desired milk (I rather almond to be honest) or serve black. Wait a few minutes and there you have it, great start to your day.

Virtual Dance Studio

Classes are designed for everybody, from beginner to experienced dancers. Learn from the experts from Sydney Dance Company and purchase a pass or membership. On the schedule, they have ballet, jazz and contemporary to strength and conditioning classes, hip hop, Latin funk and tap courses. Guess it’s time to move some furniture from the lounge, put on our fluro lycra, pink tutu, jazz shoes and hairspray. Well, not all at once – but whatever you feel comfortable with.

Perhaps get taught by the Australian Ballet Company on Instagram and learn to pose, grand plie to perfecting your port de bras.

Never tried ballet before? No worries—classes are super-inclusive and taught by former ballerina, Justine Miles, classes are pre-recorded and designed for participants to follow along with at home and offer a choice of beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Classes run for 30-40 minutes, and a new class at every level will be released each week.

*images supplied, main image pexels.com/@olly