Sydney Dance Company – Orb

Sydney Dance Company - Ocho. Image: Pedro Greig

Recently I received an invitation to Sydney Dance Company for a sneak preview rehearsal of Ocho, the latest collab by Artistic Director Rafael Bonachela and Nick WalesOrb presents the world premiere of Full Moon by Cheng Tsung-lung.

This by far, emotionally and physically is a stronger piece I’ve seen in contemporary dancing. It is a little hard to describe my emotions, but the flexibility and technique of theses dancers, *gasp, raw emotion and getting lost in the music and story.

Artistic Director of Taiwan’s phenomenal Cloud Gate 2, harnesses the power of the moon and the mythology, fable and poetry of mankind to thrill the audience.

“Living in our modern world, the vibrant city lights have endlessly fascinated me and occupied the interspaces of my sight and feelings at night. On the contrary, the moon, nature’s symbolic beauty of night, shines light into my eyes and helps me uncover the mysteries of the unconscious world which I do not know, yet I feel exist.” says Cheng Tsung-lung.

Book your tickets:
Sydney: 2 May – 13 May 2017, Roslyn Packer Theatre
Melbourne: 17 May – 20 May 2017, Art Centre Melbourne
Canberra: 25 May – 27 May 2017, Canberra Theatre Centre

I’m looking forward to catching up with some of the dancers prior to the opening night.

Good luck guys!

Sydney Dance Company
The Wharf, Pier 4, 15 Hickson Rd, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
 Sydney Dance Company @sydneydanceco @sydneydanceco #SDCOrb


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