Celebrate Bastille Day in style with Loire Wines

Loire Wines
Loire Wines

Loire Wines are delighted to announce their participation in this year’s Bastille Festival! Taking place from 11-14 July, Sydney’s one-of-a-kind Bastille Festival rounds up France’s creme de la creme in terms of food, drink and culture, and brings it to your doorstep.

With all things French in the spotlight, it is unsurprising that several iconic wine regions participate in this event every year – and this time visitors can get whisked away to the beautiful Loire Valley without the 23-hour flight.

Known as the garden of France, the wines from the Loire span 800km along the Loire River: with this kind of geographical diversity, it’s no wonder Loire Wines are enjoyed by wine lovers of all levels. From dry or sweet whites, fruity or structured reds, to dry or tender rosés and delicate sparkling wines, the range of Loire wines reflects the richness of the region’s terroirs and grape varieties. In a changing consumer landscape, Loire wines captivate both newer drinkers with their freshness, and connoisseurs with the complexity of their aromatic palette.

The wines on offer at the tasting bar reflect this diversity, taking consumers on a journey through the Loire’s most iconic regions. Situated in a remarkable location between the Atlantic Ocean and the Loire and its tributaries, the Nantais now form one of the Loire’s largest winegrowing areas. From this region, the Domaine du Fief aux Dames, Muscadet Sèvre et Maine Sur Lie 2023 is a beautiful example of the regions’ wines: a clean, bright and zippy white with a slight citrussy undertone.

Going further west along the river, the vineyards of Anjou-Saumur benefit from a very rich soil; this leads to an impressive variety of wines. From this diverse region, the Loire Wines’ bar has two stunning examples on offer. The Robert et Marcel Reserve de Vignerons, Rosé de Loire 2022 is perfect for any rosé-lover, with red-berry flavours and a dry, light body. For people looking for a red wine to warm them up this winter, the Domaine du Petit Clocher, Anjou Rouge 2023 would be a perfect choice. With beautiful notes of cooked black fruit underscored by a touch of liquorice, this easy-drinking number is the ideal drink to share with friends on a walk through the festival.

The journey through the Loire ends with the Touraine vineyards. This region also boasts a highly diverse subsoil, creating perfect Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Franc grapes, producing strong, fruit driven and minerally wines. The sparkling Quinze Arpents, Vouvray Brut is the perfect example of a wine from this area. A dry, silky-soft wine with apple notes and a pleasant finish, this sparkling wine is an ideal choice for any fan of bubbles.

What better place to try out these wines, and travel through an iconic wine region than during a weekend packed full of French fun? Loire Wines’ will be stocked full of their most emblematic wines, giving consumers the opportunity to try an array of styles, or alternatively keep coming back for more of their favourite. The bar will also be participating in the festival’s ‘Tour de France of Wine Regions’: consumers only need to show their pre-purchased wine passport to one of the friendly staff on-site and to receive a glass of premium Loire wine.

With glasses of wine ranging in price from $7 for a half glass to $15 for a full glass, and styles from all across the Loire, this wine bar is one to look out for at the Bastille Festival this year.

Loire Wines Bar
Bastille Festival 2024
11-14 July 2024
Customs House, 31 Alfred St, Sydney NSW 2000


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