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For most Aussies it’s a national past-time where you squeeze in every hour before/after work or on the weekends to ride a wave. Others, like me, love the beach to relax in the sun, go for a swim and try to avoid being dunked by waves, and hang out with mates.

It was time I needed to catch a wave.

I caught up with Deano, owner of Waves Surf School Australia. Established in 1999 offering a laid back environment where newbies are invited to learn all things surfing. Surfing 101. Deano has an amazing surf crew, whom are dedicated to providing quality and value for money experiences. Being an instructor to them is more than just a job, surfing is a lifestyle and about being one with the waves. *you may open you eyes and om together.

Waves Surf School operates in and out of Sydney every week, running introductory surf trips. Only a short drive from Sydney enjoying the scenery of the Royal National Park to the surf near Green Hills. Day trips are an affordable and adventurous way to spend a day off. Enjoy a great day out on the beach, learn to ride the waves and enjoy a classic Aussie BBQ.

What’s included?

  • 2 x surf lessons with a level 1 accredited coaches (around 4.5hours of surf time).
  • All surfboards and wetsuits.
  • Beach BBQ or Buffet Lunch
  • All transfers/transport

Our instructor Nathan (from Margaret River, WA) was helpful and encouraging. It is exactly what one needs, believe me its not a easy as it looks. One the sand, sure I can jump from the lying down position and land on my feet like a pro-surfer. On the waves, well balance is everything. Nathan provided that encouragement within the water, when to catch the wave, when to start paddling, perhaps try a different approach to standing up.

If you are looking for more than one day of surfing, check out these options available.  The 2-day Surf Escape from $259, 5-day Ultimate Surf Adventure from $595 and the longest trip is a 7-day adventure from $795.  All offers include accommodation at Waves Surf Camp, Seal Rocks, all meals, progressive surf lessons each day – learn the basics and progress each day to take a turn, cut across waves etc, Jungle/Beach party with acoustic music, campfire, games.

Waves Surf School provides a pretty good basic intro for first-time surfers. Not every person will be a natural, but instructors will help those struggling to ride that first wave.  It’s a chance to have some fun, chill and meet travelers from all over – and the odd local. Between the transport, meals, surf lessons and atmosphere, Waves Surf School packages is worth the price.

You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf

Waves Surf School Australia
T: +61 (02) 9641 2358 | E: info@wavessurfschool.com.au


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