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Spice I am
Spice I am

Spice I am is by far and away one of my preferred Thai restaurant I have found within the Sydney CBD area. If you love Thai food, it is hard to suppress the cravings from Chef Sujet Saenkham menu.

Flavours, vibrant colours, authentic Thai cuisine and in-house made curry paste.

I had the opportunity to dine at one of the four locations and met up with Head Chef. What’s exciting about this property (which carries throughout the other venues) is the taste of each of the dishes transcends your tastebuds to if you were actually in Thailand. Chef Sujet is a private man in the kitchen with minimum words to say, but is passionate about delivering locally source produce to create the traditional style Thai cuisine.

Coming from a humble remote town of Ratachaburi province in Central Thailand, Chef Sujet, from a young age learn to cook from his mother and grandparents. At first a chore for most families to help around the house, to becoming one of Sydney’s most talk about and award winning restaurant group.

I do enjoy a little spice in my dish, but the emphasis on heat is not the case, it’s about how the curry paste is made.

The benefit of making your own curry paste is that you can tweak the ingredients to avoid the commercially produced stock. Chef is able play with the aromaticness (if that is a word) to tailor the taste with the dishes.

A favourite starter is the Bour Thod ($15.50 6pcs) Phuket style fritter of green prawns on crispy betal leaf with chilli sauce, crushed roasted cashew nuts and coriander. The tempura like batter is light enough to all you to taste the prawns and betel leaf.

Now for hearty mains, spolit for choice with the Seafood Jungle Curry ($22.00) Hot and spicy curry with Thai herbs and vegetables and the traditional citrus aroma of jungle curry (without coconut milk). Beef Panang ($19.00) Think, coconut red curry with kaffir lime leaves. Red Duck Curry ($29.50) Roasted duck in red curry with pea eggplant, apple, eggplant, kaffir lime leaves, chilli, cherry tomatoes, lychee, pineapple and Thai basi. We had to order a couple of Steam Rice ($4.00 pp), so that we could soak up the sauce from each of the curries.

At this stage, I couldn’t fit anymore food in. With flavours of kaffir lime leaves, cherry tomatoes, young coconut creams and fish thai dressing – my senses an my tongue were feelling the heat. But somehow we had room for on dessert, Saku ($11.50), Tapioca pearl with coconut and dark palm sugar sauce. An unsual one, but the warmth of the black sticky rice pudding like drench in a smocked coconut cream and tapioca pearls. Has definitely filled the empty gaps in my stomach.

You know the saying “there is always room for dessert when it comes to ice-cream, fills the gaps”.

Did you know that Spice I AM extends to Surry Hills and Balmain, and well worth the visit.

For those interested in learning to combine the flavours and techniques Chef and his team go through. Well, you are in luck. The Spice I Am – Cooking school is designed for all levels of cooks, from those who are starting out or want to learn the best dish for your dinner party, to those who are wanting to take their understanding of Thai cuisine to the next level.

In groups of 10, Chef is able to devised his full attention to everyone so that no one is left in the dark, whilst having fun together with the group. Cooking school is available at the Darlinghurst location and bookings are essential. Contact +61 2 9555 8699 or email

For an unforgettable journey through your tastebuds, I would recommend making a booking with friends or family.

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