A new wave of fitness. Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) at SpeedFit.

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EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) is more than just a fitness craze, it’s science. Imagine impulses from 20 stimulation points inside a specialized suit to offer a full-body workout without any impact on the joints.

The ‘electric current/pulses’ has helped the lives of those who suffer from a limited range of motion or immobility, perfect for those who are recovering from an injury.

Once upon a time I really did enjoy going to the gym, hiring a personal trainer, and work out for an hour each day after work. At the moment, I don’t have the luxury for it, what I am referring to is not how much it costs these days, it is about time.

An EMS workout at SpeedFit is a focused, full-body workout in just 20 minutes. Giving your muscles a deeper and more effective workout in a fraction of the time. Before we go further, it is not for everyone, and always research and seek advice.

Imagine your 60-90 minute workout with an experienced personal trainer at a fraction of the time. This type of training is certainly convenient and you will see the results. To simply put it into perspective, here a couple of notes I have taken during my trial session.

  • Each workout is tailored to your needs
  • SpeedFit Studios is a private sanctuary that offers one-to-one training
  • You’ll receive a pre-workout drink (isotonic sports drink)
  • Special exercise clothes (kinda like compression pants and shirt) and non-slip socks
  • EMS vest and wraps that are linked to a machine. (it felt like I was an extra in the matrix or a member of the swat team)
  • Post-workout shake (high biological value protein shake)
  • Fully equipped shower and facilities

As you work out and your muscles contract and relax, an additional impulse is applied from the muscles through the exercise suit. Remember, it only takes 20 minutes, and I sure did pull up a sweat. These electrical impulses felt more like tiny vibrations and different strength levels. No, I didn’t feel I was getting shocked, and yes I was monitored every step of the exercise. Imagine four-second impulses contracting your muscles across your whole body at certain points. The movement exercised were more squats, chest presses, lunges, and other stand-alone exercises.

No matter your age, fitness level, current limitations, or goals. Speedfit EMS training is all personally tailored to your body, health, and fitness needs. They will also provide you with nutritional advice, including nutrition plans, coaching, food diaries, and supplement guidance. Committing to two sessions a week, nutrition is still very important to accelerate your progress.

Key Benefits:

  • Full body workout that sees results quickly and efficiently
  • Burn calories with EMS high-intensity interval workouts
  • Reduce injury by stabilizing and strengthening joints.
  • Increase mobility and core muscular strength
  • Low impact on your joints
  • Improve posture
  • Reduce cellulite

Finding the right exercise for you is personal and important. My trial was to understand if this would be an option for me to lose weight and have more time for happiness and health. I want to feel confident again and also I wanted this to be a lifestyle change. I know fad-diets don’t stick because I’ve tried some of them.

EMS can quickly and noticeably improve one’s posture in that it strengthens the stabilizing muscles of the spine, the stimulation during training also provides additional lumbar support that can benefit those with weak back and/or abdominals. In addition to burning more calories, reducing recovery time, significant increases in anaerobic endurance and muscle strength are among the results that can be seen while training with EMS.

I was chatting to one of their clients, as we were training together. She claims the first week, the workouts were hard, and it was over before you knew it. She was on a challenge and said that the easiest part of it was the lifestyle change and the nutritional advice. She had lost a few kgs, body fat, and inches from her waist.

At the end of our workout, I felt slightly fatigued and yet energized at the same time, but the next few days, I couldn’t walk for days. It felt like I did double leg day for three days. Depending on your body and how you worked out, your muscles will feel sore. It’s a kind reminder that you’ve done a good workout.

SpeedFit is recommended twice a week, so, it’s still a good idea to keep up with your cardio intake. Regular walks, jog, swimming or cycling and stick to that all-important diet.

Book a session at SpeedFit and try the smarter way of working out, find your location here. For other questions you may have, click here to find out more Frequently Asked Questions.

A guest of SpeedFit at the Sydney CBD location.