Experience the charms of Southern France


When most travellers think of France they’re likely to imagine visiting Paris. However, there’s much more to do and see in the beautiful country. Southern France is particularly famous for not only luxurious Cannes but also many more charming little places worth considering. The magnificent natural surroundings, excellent weather, tasty food and friendly locals who will teach you how to embrace their easy-going hedonistic lifestyle is what makes the south of France so charming.

French seaside is brimming with luxurious yachts and well-off people. But, it’s not all about money there. There are beautiful cities worth exploring and wonderful beaches to unwind at. If you’re thinking about a typical French city, Nice should come to mind. It has unique broad avenues which will make you feel welcome although there might be some hustle and bustle. Golden beach is the place to go to, if you enjoy the splendid sea. You should see the unsurpassed Promenade des Anglais. If you are into arts, go to the Matisse museum and discover the architecture of the Russian Cathedral and Vieux Nice. Another great city to put on your bucket list is the glitzy yet relaxed St Tropez. It’s the summer home of the rich and famous. You can discover some of the best beaches of the French south there. The nearby Monaco can be another treat for your eyes, if you choose to spend a couple of days there, as well.

Apart from modern cities, there are some medieval towns in the south of France which will leave you speechless. Lagrasse is famous for its medieval houses and streets. There’s also an Abbey worth visiting. Be sure to visit this place during the summer as there are many book and pottery festivals. There are a lot of good restaurants, and you should definitely order the best cheese of the region. Bon appetit! Go to the wonderful Carcassonne and see its Gallo-Roman architecture. This place is home to the world’s largest medieval fortress and it is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. You can explore the fairy-tale-like town on a cruise. Choose Belmond Alouette as they’re famous for their impeccable service and trustworthy guides. You’ll see the well-known hilltop which appeared in many films, such as Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Avignon is the place to go to, if you want to see the biggest Gothic palace in Europe – the Pope’s Palace. The entire Avignon is charming mixture of culture and history on the banks of the Rhone River. Talk to the friendly locals who will be willing to include you in their everyday activities.

Once you’re in this region, you should visit the university town of Aix. You will be amazed by plane-tree lined avenue called the Cours Mirabeau which divides the town into halves. Go to Ernest Hemingway’s favourite place – Deux Garçons, a cosy little café which has been a melting pot of artists for years. There’s also a charming old Cathedral nearby. Everywhere you look you’ll notice numerous fountains. The place is home to a famous and important opera festival – the Festival international d’Art Lyrique which takes place from late June to July every year. “Musique dans la Rue” is the festival which features rock, classical and jazz music and many people hurl to visit it. There are also a lot of theatres worth visiting. Arles is a city brimming with Roman heritage. From forum and theatre, amphitheatre to 17th century mansions, the city is a monument to the ancient times. Go to this place to see why Van Gogh spent some time here to create his most famous masterpieces.

South of France is well-known for its jaw-dropping nature and wonderful lavender fields. Go to the marvellous Valensole, the valley of the sun and see the sun-kissed countryside rich in lavenders. Everywhere you look, you will see these flowers and feel their scent wafting through the air at every corner of this village. Once you’re there, don’t forget to visit the amazing Gorges de Verdon which is Europe’s equivalent to the Grand Canyon. You can see the dramatic 700m drop to the river floor in the deepest canyon in Europe. This is the perfect place to go active in the intact nature. If you’re an experienced cyclist, this can be the route for you. There are endless hiking paths to follow as well.

The South of France is the area which will suit both your body and mind. From busy urban cities to charming medieval towns and wonderful nature, you’re bound to have the time of your life. Bon voyage!

Guest Blogger: Nicole Noel

A passionate traveller and she loves to share her experiences. She is lifestyle blogger from HighStyleLife. In her free time she loves to design clothes and furniture.