SOUNDBOKS Go ushers in a new social music experience.

Soundboks Go Bluetooth Speaker
? Soundboks Go

Today, emerging audio tech company SOUNDBOKS announces the launch of the SOUNDBOKS Go Speaker. Built for durability, transportability, and connectivity, SOUNDBOKS Go elevates everyday music experiences in a truly portable Bluetooth performance speaker.

At a fraction of the height and weight of its predecessors, SOUNDBOKS Go is designed for easy transport without compromising the quality of sound, extended battery life, and connectivity the company is known for. Created to bring people together, amplify community gatherings at concert level sound, both indoor and outdoor, SOUNDBOKS Go is great for your park hangout, a session at the skatepark, outdoor enthusiasts, and music aficionados alike.

“SOUNDBOKS is building social music experiences that connect us in a powerful, more transformative way,” said co-founder Jesper Thiel Thomsen. “The SOUNDBOKS Go provides a new level of sound performance that has not been seen in the current Bluetooth speaker market with a speaker of this size. We are redefining what it means to be together and how we can share musical experiences without being in the same room.”

A newly imagined portable design, SOUNDBOKS Go weighs under 9kgs (20 pounds), features two 72-watt continuous class D amplifiers, concert-level volume, and TeamUP wireless connectivity with up to 4 nearby SOUNDBOKS (Gen 3) or Go speakers. SOUNDBOKS Go also boasts a swappable battery that offers up to 80 hours of listening on a single charge and customizable sound profiles that enable listeners to adjust the audio based on the size and location of the space.

Alongside this release, SOUNDBOKS introduces DIREKT, a curated live audio streaming experience for those who want to immerse themselves in live music wherever they go. DIREKT will be available exclusively for both SOUNDBOKS Gen 3 and SOUNDBOKS Go owners. DIREKT will offer its first full release live streams in April 2022.

The SOUNDBOKS Go experience also introduces SOUNDBOKS mobile app. Doubling as a remote control for the SOUNDBOKS Go, the mobile app offers customizable sound profiles, a Bluetooth lock, and better control and security for the speaker. In addition, users will receive regular software updates and performance upgrades through the app.

SOUNDBOKS Go retails for RRP AU$1,099 and is available for pre-order starting today via, with shipping to commence from 26 April.