After months in the making, Sophia Tea shares her latest collection of artworks in the first exhibition of my new era! GROW fully immersive exhibition.

Sophia Tea
? Sophia Tea

As the universe of art broadens, its connection to technology deepens.

Trailblazer in contemporary art and Instafmous artist, Sophie Tea, is disrupting the Sydney art scene with her latest collection ‘GROW’. Stemming from her visceral exploration of what it means to flourish as a woman, GROW will be unveiled this October through a high-tech, mixed media exhibit that will wow attendees.

The intermingling of art and technology has grown increasingly prevalent, bringing forth a powerful new wave of art tech with artist Sophie Tea leading the way. This fully immersive exhibition will include Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, light, sound and social media as the team transfer a Brookvale warehouse into a fantasy forest on Saturday, 22 October 2022 [SOLD OUT].

The convergence of art and technology is redefining the way we engage with and appreciate art, how we experience art both individually and communally, and reshaping the future of the global art market.

Sophie’s status as a cutting-edge culture authority comes from her recent expansion of her artistic practice into the NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) space with a digital artform that launched to rave reviews at Vivid Sydney, resulting in a sell-out of her latest ‘WOMEN’ NFTs in just four seconds.

Referring to chapters of her art as ‘eras’, Sophie Tea has spent the past two years painting women within her ‘Send Nudes’ era, exploring body positivity and self-acceptance. Feeling that this era of her painting had reached a pinnacle, the iconic series culminated in a final nude catwalk show at The Waldorf in London. It was time for Sophie Tea to evolve yet again.

This led to her new era; GROW – a visual representation of the female experience of change. Taking inspiration from all women, as well as her own personal experiences, Sophie abstracts a mutual journey through womanhood with ombre backgrounds and bold strokes that literally emerge from the canvas.

“With each brushstroke, I invite you to experience this symbolic evolution of what it means to grow as a woman in this world”, says Sophie.

This free, one day only event [SOLD OUT] held at Sophie’s 1,000sqm studio in Brookvale, where all her artworks are produced, will be transformed into a huge interactive mystical forest to accompany the new collection, an event experience that will be heavily influenced by tech.

“I have taken inspiration for this fantastical land from London Fashion Week, the Australian landscape, my sculptural art experiments and my virtual reality paintings”, says Sophie.

With an environmentally friendly influence, all of the design elements and installations will be created in-house, making use of surplus materials including packaging foam, boxes, pallets, paint lids, shipping tubes and 2,000 printed nude catwalk applications from Sophie’s previous exhibition. These items will be given new life as they evolve into massive hanging flowers, mushrooms, bushes, vines and trees.

The spectacular exhibition will be enhanced with virtual and augmented reality elements, captivating lighting, theatrical haze, scents, an intriguing soundscape and multiple audience interactive experiences that will no doubt go viral alongside her artwork.

Technology’s immersion in the modern art space has transformed the experience for both creators and viewers, and Sophie Tea is leading the way with her latest era GROW.