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Smile Direct Club

Global tele dentistry pioneer SmileDirectClub which opened in Australia last year, has seen a significant shift in customers moving towards their dentist-directed, easy-to-use, at-home impression kits. This means that during self-isolation, you are able to straighten your teeth without leaving the comfort of your own home.

According to SmileDirectClub, nearly one quarter (24%) of Aussies claim they would feel more self-confident if they had great teeth and with research linking a great smile to a happier life. Second only to feeling self-conscious about their weight. With a closed research of 1,000 people, stats show;

The benefits of smiling – nearly half of Australians say smiling makes them feel happier, and almost a quarter feel smiling cheers other people up.

Smiling is infectious – with three-quarters of the population smiling when being smiled at (74%).

Teeth aesthetic impacts romance – one in ten feel self-conscious about their teeth when kissing with 4% of Australians even going as far as avoiding a kiss because of them.

How the at home SmileDirectClub impression kits work?

1. Visit to request a prescription for an impression kit and returns the impression to a dental lab. A 3D image is created and loaded into the teledentistry platform, along with photos of the teeth and the consumer’s health and dental history.

2. Lab technicians develop a draft treatment plan using proprietary software. An Australian registered dentist or orthodontist reviews the smile plan and patient data to determine if the consumer is a good candidate for treatment, the plan is appropriate, and if more information is needed.

3. When approved, the dentist or orthodontist presents the final treatment plan through SmileDirectClub tele dentistry platform and prescribes clear aligners. They coordinate the manufacturing and direct shipment of the aligners so treatment can begin.

4. During treatment, you upload photos and checks in with your Australian registered dentist orthodontist at least every 90 days. The dentist or orthodontist evaluates the patient’s progress and can modify the treatment plan as necessary. Additional consultation 24/7 using the SDC tele dentistry platform.

5. Once treatment is complete, retainers are recommended to maintain the patient’s smile

Aligners are then sent directly to your home, helping Aussies develop the confidence you deserve to nail every Zoom call.

Not only is the process convenient, it’s speedy, with an average treatment length of six months (10 months for Nighttime Clear Aligners). It is also more affordable, as SmileDirectClub is 60% cheaper than other teeth straightening options.

SmileDirectClub clear aligner therapy is available for a flat rate of $2,499, or through its SmilePay option of $399 deposit and $99 per month for 24 months.

Dr Tim Sharp, Psychologist from The Happiness Institute said “Smiling instantly makes you happy and is infectious ensuring others around you are happy and positive. Studies show that smiling releases endorphins and serotonin which instantly improves your mood. Not only do these natural chemicals elevate your mood, they also relax your body and reduce physical pain. This effect empowers people with confidence and helps to bolster morale.”

Kay Oswald, President of International at SmileDirectClub, said “The research shows the self-confidence of some Aussies is declining, and for many it’s because of their teeth. However, they appreciate the benefits of smiling, the part it plays in having self-confidence and simple things like being friendly, which is a well-known Australian characteristic.”

SmileDirectClub are disrupters in the industry in order to better serve consumers and provide a more convenient and affordable way to straighten teeth. Committed to putting you at the forefront of your care as SDC revolutionizes the way to safely straighten teeth in Australia and around the world