Slojourn Studio – an ode to the slow for brands who vibe.

Slojourn Studio
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Most well-known for their advocacy of the conscious travel movement, the leading faces behind World Resorts of Distinction (WRD) have unveiled a new creative marketing studio for ethical brands.

Slojourn Studio specializes in storytelling and elevating the faces, places and brands that are doing good in the world. Through a suite of specialized services including PR, marketing, branding, and social media, the all-female team explores the intersection between sustainability and humanism.

“We are creative women who tell powerful stories for brands with impact; the type of brands you’d be proud to take home to meet your parents,” the team explained.

Sustainable travel has always been the brand’s driving force and the team had previously secured some of the world’s most pioneering clients in that space, including Soneva, Resplendent Ceylon, Sinalei Reef Resort, Nihi Sumba, and Bawah Reserve.

“This niche will still comprise a sizeable portion of our workload under the Slojourn Studio brand, however, we have tweaked our scope to enable us to tell the stories of partners across a variety of sectors who are all unified by a common passion for living responsibly and changing the world for the better. It is no longer enough for us to idly sit by and watch the world; we need to be active participants in its betterment,” the team said.

Slojourn Studio is still proudly representing the world’s leading sustainable resort brand, Soneva, and one of their newest clients is Habitas, a global hospitality group created by a diverse community of people seeking human connection, authentic experiences and a better future together. They also secured the marketing account for The Mysa Motel, the Gold Coast’s first boutique, sustainable motel.

The premise behind this new venture is a marketing studio fused with a consumer-facing creative hub where slow journeys meet slow journaling; and there are further business updates on the horizon.

Slojourn Studio founder and creative director, Tess Willcox said: “We are proud and extremely humbled to have survived the ruinous effects of the pandemic on small businesses, especially in the travel space. At the same time, we’re excited about this evolution and look forward to unveiling additional arms of the new business in the coming months!”