Bring the bar to your kitchen

Simply Cocktails

To cure self-isolation blues, Simply Cocktails will launch their first Home Five O’Clock-tails video tutorials and virtual mini masterclass on their Facebook Page, so cocktail lovers can shake and stir their favourite tipple in the comfort and safety of their own home.

Get your mates together for the first of Simply Cocktails’ Facebook Live cocktail mini masterclass this Friday 3 April at 5pm with Australia’s Scotch Whisky Brand Ambassador of the Year (2019), Mark Hickey teaching you how to create a Cointreau Fizz. For those looking to take the team virtual drinks to a whole other level, jump on the House Party app to the team while you all stream the mini masterclass on Facebook from your computers, allowing you can see how your colleagues’ cocktail making skills fare with hot tips from some of Australia’s leading mixologists.

This series of live mini masterclasses will take place every Tuesday and Friday until the 30 June. So for those, like many of us, enjoying a cheeky weekday drink, next Tuesday night, 7 April, Danilo Migliorini, mixology maven from Eau De Vie Sydney, will teach you how to shake up the ultimate Tia Maria Espresso ‘Quarantini’.

Luke Hanzlieick will teach you how to make a Chartreuse Green Chaud – a soothing winter warmer drink for those cool autumn nights. Andy Buntine, former manager at Katuk in Melbourne will showcase the incredibly decadent Mozart Choc-tails, Thursday 9 April, for those looking to really treat themselves.

Followed by a ‘Tom Collins’ workshop by ambassador Josh O’Brien on Tuesday 14 April featuring The Botanist Gin, the perfect 5pm drink for after work.

The team behind Simply Cocktails will recruit 100 Australian bartenders from around the country, that are currently out of work due to the current lockdown restrictions, to submit their cocktail tutorial videos. That’s one cocktail per weekday for 100 days! So whether you’re missing the famous Disaronno Sour at Charlie Parker by Sara Rinaldo or the Porn Star Martinis by Storm Evans at The Baxter Inn, it’s time to ensure your liquor cabinet is well-stocked with a diverse selection of premium spirits from Cointreau to The Botanist Gin, or Sierra Tequila to The Macallan Whisky.

With the devastating impact of COVID-19 on the hospitality industry closing bars across the nation and leading to 689,800 people already out of work and no doubt many more to lose their jobs, the team behind the Simply Cocktails Facebook Page has stepped in to offer a helping hand to some of our local bartenders who have recently lost their jobs with a new virtual cocktail workshop initiative.

All ingredients for the Simply Cocktails Home Five O’Clock-tails are available instore and online from Dan Murphy’s, BWS, Liquorland, online retailers, Boozebud, HelloDrinks and hundreds of independent liquor retailers.

Friday 3: Mark Hickey, Cointreau Fizz
Tuesday 7: Danilo Migliorini, Tia Espresso Martini
Thursday 9: Andy Buntine, Mozart Choc-tails
Tuesday 14: Josh Obrien, Tom Collins
Friday 17: Mark Hickey, Black barrel Daiquiri
Tuesday 20: Andy Buntine, Passoda & Passoa Mule
Friday 24: Mark Hickey, French Mule
Tuesday 28: Danilo Migliorini, Disaronno Sour

Friday 1: Josh O’Brien, Paloma
Tuesday 5: Josh O’Brien, Highball
Friday 8: Andy Buntine, Hot Toddy
Tuesday 12: Mark Hickey, Copa
Friday 15: Luke Hanzlicek, Chaud
Tuesday 19: Mark Hickey, Fiorente Spritz
Tuesday 25: Mark Hickey, Gin & Tonic
Friday 29: Andy Buntine, St Remy Mule

Tuesday 2: Mark Hickey, Naked Sour
Friday 5: Josh Obrien, V & T
Tuesday 9: Andy Buntine, Licor 43 Smoothie
Friday 12: Josh O’Brien, Metaxa Spritz
Tuesday 16: Andy Buntine, Irish Coffee
Friday 19: Andy Buntine, Boilermaker
Tuesday 22: Mark Hickey, Opal Mule
Friday 26: Josh O’Brien, Peated highball
Tuesday 30: Josh O’Brien, Old Fashioned


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