A Seance in a shipping container


There’s a white shipping container in The Rocks hiding a secret. Inside the cramped space there’s a long table between two rows of old cinema seats, which are facing each other.

Blurring the bounds of perception and reality, Séance will challenge the mind and stimulate the senses by presenting a fully immersive theatrical experience in complete darkness.

Combining the concept of a traditional séance with cutting edge sound technology and sensory deprivation, Séance by sound wizards Glen Neath and David Rosenberg of DARKFIELD (UK) , is in Sydney’s historically haunted site, The Rocks, in collaboration with local outfit Realscape Productions (AU).

Guests are invited to take a seat in the dimly lit shipping container in Atherden St, each putting on a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. The room suddenly goes pitch dark. A voice requests you put your hands on the table… and the Séance begins. A 20 minute performance art experience.



The shipping container that houses Séance in The Rocks will be in Atherden St from Wednesday 22 November until Sunday 10 December (except Mondays), with its 20-minute experiences running throughout the day from 11am-10pm.

Séance is not recommended for children under the age of 14, those who are claustrophobic, pregnant, hearing impaired or frighten easily. The show is wheelchair accessible for 1 wheelchair per performance and is also appropriate for those who are vision impaired.

Tickets are $20 per session and are available online or can be purchased at the box office onsite.
A memorable experience or something to bring chills when you leave.



A hear a whisper directly in my ear….. “do you believe… Raf” !!!

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