SEA SEA is where high fashion meets laid back surf culture in Crescent Head. The boutique lifestyle hotel will launch in May 2023.

? SEA SEA Hotel

Award-winning Creative Director and Designer, George Gorrow (previously Ksubi Co-Founder and Creator of The Slow in Bali) have announced the launch of his new 70’s inspired surf club hotel in NSW’s Crescent Head; SEA SEA. The 25-room boutique seaside lifestyle is set to open in May 2023, offering a fusion of surf culture, fashion, music, hospitality and art.

SEA SEA is designed to unite like-minded, creative individuals to unwind and connect with self and nature. It will offer its following of influential, opinion-leading travellers a carefully curated experience immersed in Australia’s rich surf culture.

“Crescent Head still feels like that place you visited as a child, still feels so pure,” says George Gorrow, Founder. “I love surfing so does my wife and the wave is, to us, one of the best waves in Australia, it’s for everyone and super fun. The MacKay region is so rich in culture too, we will be partnering with local farms and producers to showcase the region. The old locally sourced, locally proceeded, sustainable, cliché you hear, is really what we will be doing. This excites us, it’s going back to basics”.

Using his expertise in fashion, hospitality, music and design, Gorrow has interrogated these pillars into the space with an innovative food and beverage conception collaboration with P&V Wine + LiquorMerchants, esteemed mixologist Antonello Arzedi (Scout London Sydney, Icebergs Dining Room and bar) and Daniel Medcalf (Co-owner and Operator of No. 35 Kitchen and Bar, previously The Slow Kitchen & Bar Bali).

SEA SEA will also have a revolving program of music performances, curated mix tracks, art exhibitions, its own SEA SEA home collection, “Welcome to Earth Please Wipe Your Feet”, a souvenir shop, and Room 13 – a 90s culturally curated project space which will showcase established and emerging artists both local and international. The photography-focused exhibitions will be held in room 13 every 6 weeks.

The boutique hotel will further become home to Non-type, the latest creation in the long history of design and fashion for its two founding members, Gareth Moody and George Gorrow. It represents a coming of age, being their first release as a creative partnership since their world-renowned and iconic label, Ksubi. The line is a morphing of genres; Non-type suggests no fixed genre, and a non-type rating, is an open door with a license to roam across all aspects and fields of apparel. Not limited to fashion and lifestyle, but endlessly comfortable with a nod to the luxury surf world. From leather blazers, tailored wool trousers, and linen suiting, to tailored board shorts and surf skins, the limited collection will only be available at SEA SEA.

For design, the SEA SEA rooms will offer an acute sensitivity to textures and an irreverence for tradition. 70’s surf-inspired interiors feature throughout, with artisan-produced furniture and crafts juxtaposing audacious art and progressive thinking. The design plays with an abundance of natural textures, with the idea of making you feel immersed in your surroundings. The rooms will feature world-class minibars, and 24hr in-house radio curated by Reverberation.

Finding inspiration for the concept, Gorrow looks to a close friend, Claus Sendlinger, Founder of Design Hotels. The two met in Indonesia and instantly learned they share similar thoughts on the new hotel movement. While their projects and hotels are extremely different in design, they both emphasise that the hotel itself can be the key experience for the guests.

“It is invigorating to see such an intimate and modernist concept coming to life in a market where just size seems to matter”, says Claus Sendlinger, Founder of Design Hotels. “I believe that the SEA SEA Hotel concept has the potential to grow internationally and attract influential, well-travelled clients around the globe.”

Gorrow further adds, “A hotel for me is like this concept, and for me, the hotel now can be the place, not just a bed you use to sleep in while visiting a town. The hotel can be the key experience. This is what drives me, this is the experience I seek, and the experience I try to deliver all the different aspects of the hotel through. 360-degree experience.”

The boutique lifestyle hotel will launch in May 2023, with bookings starting from 1 December 2022.

30-34 Pacific St, Crescent Head NSW 2440, Australia