Scapegrace Black x Box Bar Virtual Masterclass. Gin-fluence your next next in.

Scapegrace Black X Box Bar Masterclass
? Scapegrace Black X Box Bar Masterclass

Do you have a gin story, I mean.. an awesome gin journey? Scapegrace Black Gin has announced an exclusive partnership with Australia’s first dedicated digital bar. Arming thirsty folk with all the essentials, this custom cocktail kit complete with the iconic black gin, mixers, and garnishes, is available for delivery nationwide.

Box Bar is the dedicated digital bar born within the Sydney-based venue, The Fox Hole. With a passionate and knowledgeable hospitality team (who are all-round gin fanatics), Box Bar have enlisted the perfect counterpart; enter Scapegrace Black.

Championed as the world’s first natural black gin, this craft spirit from our neighbours in NZ is carefully curated using organic botanicals (aronia berry, saffron, pineapple, butterfly pea, sweet potato), to produce that very distinct and ominous black hue, which changes colour when mixed.

Alongside the Scapegrace Black samples and a cocktail guide, anyone to place an order via Box Bar and have the Scapegrace Black Box delivered to their door, will be granted access to a one off Gin Masterclass hosted by Mikey Ball, Scapegrace Ambassador and Creator of Scapegrace Black, and James Harvey-Fiander, Chief Experience Officer at Box Bar. An insight into the art of cocktail creation from in-house mixologists and distillers themselves, this one-hour session will showcase signature serves of Scapegrace Black and highlight the colour-changing properties of the unique craft gin.

“In 2020, the world changed so we did too. The way we connect with other people and enjoy a drink has changed forever – so we created Box Bar, Australia’s first dedicated digital bar. We think you ought to be able to try new and interesting drinks wherever you are. And when it comes to interesting drinks, Scapegrace Black felt like the epitome; a perfect match to share unique spirits and stories with our customers”, says James Harvey-Fiander, Chief Experience Officer at Box Bar.

The limited-edition Scapegrace Black Box is available to purchase now, ahead of the online masterclass taking place 4 September at 4pm.

What’s in the box?
150ml Scapegrace Black
15mL Limoncello Gin
150mL Fever-Tree Indian Tonic
200mL Cascade Soda Water
250mL Capi Ginger Beer
Dried apple slices
Dehydrated ruby grapefruit
Dehydrated lime wheels
Three collectible, hand-illustrated cocktail cards for your home bar

Cocktail Recipes
Scapegrace Signature Serve
50ml Scapegrace Black
150mL Fever-Tree Indian Tonic
2 slices of dried green apple

The Ebony Collins
50ml Scapegrace Black
15ml Limoncello Gin
100ml Cascade Soda Water
1 slice of dehydrated grapefruit to garnish

Wellington Mule
50ml Scapegrace Black
150ml Capi Spiced Ginger Beer
2 slices of dehydrated lime to garnish