A mediterranean feast hidden in Dee Why

Salt Meats Cheese
Salt Meats Cheese

I awoke to rain and wind outside my bedroom window and I was relieved that I’d made a reservation for Dee Why’s Salt Meats Cheese (SMC) for my fiance, Florian’s birthday lunch and not an outdoor activity.

We headed over to SMC and we were instantly transported to a Mediterranean, cliff side restaurant. The venue is light and bright with pink and blue hues throughout. You instantly feel a sense of being on holiday when you sit at your table, adorned with blue and white tiles.

We wanted to try a dish from every section of the menu and decided to order an entree, pasta and pizza and let me just preface that I’m glad I wore loose fitting clothing.

We decided on the antipasto platter ($35) which included a delicious spread of sulumi, soft and hard cheeses, pickled onions with raisins and was served with a woodfire cooked focaccia. The stand out on the platter was definitely the truffle pecorino paired with the pickled onion and raisins. The velverty pecorino cheese just crumbles and infuses with the fruity onions and raisin combo that had me reaching for more!

The only negative I have from this would be the size of the platter, if you had four people, it’d be perfect, but for two, it was just way too much. I think I assumed it’d be a lot smaller and had I have looked at the price, I should have known it’d be quite large. If you opt for this, I’d order one main between you and share rather than a main dish each.

We paired our entree with a two cocktail spritzers. Florian ordered the garden spritz ($16), a fresh, full-bodied infusion of Hendricks Gin, mint, rose and cucumber whilst I was swayed by a berry infused Gin, fresh berries, Prosecco and soda spritz, the Wild Berry ($16).

For the next course, we thought you couldn’t go Italian without a plate of pasta. Tossing up between the Crab tagliolini ($26) and lamb pappardelle ($25), at our waiter, Andrea’s recommendation, we chose the crab.

The long spaghetti-like pasta is blended with blue swimmer crab, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, garlic, chilli and herbs. If your favourite food is pasta like me, you’ll rejoice to find a plate you can indulge in during the warmer months. A perfect appetizer to share with the table or a perfect dish to feast on solo, you won’t be disappointed with this choice.

Between our pasta and pizza courses, the bar sent over the most delicious cocktail I’ve had in a long time! When we asked the bartender what he included in his delectable concoction and he advised it was a mix of rum, cranberry and lime, known as the Malibu Flower. This drink isn’t on the menu but is a must try. Just a proud call-out, the venue uses paper straws, which I am a huge fan of and be sure to tell staff wherever you dine, you’re a supporter.

For our final course, we ordered the Amatriciana pizza ($23), a smoky scamorza and amatriciana sauce match made in heaven. I could smell the basil before the pizza even hit the table and the pecorino romano cheese had melted to a gooey lava texture that needed you to cut the slice to reach your plate. By the stage we got to this course, we were really full and had to ask Andrea to box up the remaining slices.

If you’re looking for a girls long lunch venue or a romantic dinner, SMC Dee Why is definitely worth a visit (or three!) If you decide to sit at the front of the restaurant, you’ll be amused by the ample people watching opportunities, otherwise sit back and sip on your spritz as you dream of destinations far away.

Salt Meats Cheese Dee Why
Shop 9, 888 Pittwater Rd, Dee Why NSW 2099, Australia

Written by Dominique M, a Sydney girl through and through. She’s a blogger, shoe hoarder, passport stamp collector and wannabe wine connoisseur. She’ll always be the one shouting “hip-hip” at birthday parties and will never say no to adding pineapple to pizza.