Sake & Sashimi Masterclass

Sake and Sashimi Masterclass

Saké Restaurant & Bar is considered the most dynamic and contemporary Japanese restaurant in Australia. Serving up contemporary Japanese food to Sydney’s exclusive eastern suburbs in Double Bay.

Recently I did have the pleasure in dining out for lunch (minus one – long story) and got to experience that distinctive flair everyone talks about. Located under the Intercontinental Sydney Double Bay, this venue not only looks divine, but the quality of service is impeccable. True, sometimes they do know who I am and get preferential treatment, but what I look for is how everyone else is enjoying their meal and how they are being treated. The result is the same.

So you may have read the Double Bay Good Food Week is happening tomorrow, as you should get on to this special offer, courtesy of Saké Double Bay.

Saki & Sashimi Masterclass
Wednesday, 11 May 6:30pm, $95 per person
Six courses with matching Sakes

On the menu:
* Snapper & scallop sashimi* amabuki daiginjo
* Ikura & tuna sashimi* kozaemon honjozo yamahai
* Snapper & salmon sashimi*
* Salmon nigirikirinzan junmai daiginjo
* Salmon & tuna sashimi* raw scampi nigirikozaemon bizen omachi junmai ginjo
* Scallop sashimi* & unagi nigiriamabuki junmai ginjo ‘strawberry’ omachi ichigo
* Ikura sashimi*
* Tuna aburi & wagyu nigirihonjozo yamahai

Don’t be scared of the long Japanese names, it will certainly taste amazing. Executive Chef Wayne Brown will is passionate about seasonal produce and balanced flavours.

If you are looking for something less hands on and prefer a decent lunch instead. Why not try Sake’s Bento box with glass of sake $38.00 per person. Includes Sashimi* | steamed rice | miso | house salad. Your choice of: lamb chops, vegetable & prawn tempura, U8 king prawn robata.

Contemporary Japanese Cuisine

Sake Restaurant
33 Cross St, Double Bay NSW 2028, Australia
Bookings: +61 2 8017 3014
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*Sashimi is subject to change depending on availability and freshness.


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