Confess your NYE Sins at the SAINTLY Blessed Garden on New Year’s Day

Saintly Blessed Garden - New Year's Day
? Saintly Blessed Garden - New Year's Day

SAINTLY HARD SELTZER announced their New Year’s Day event hosted in the new SAINTLY Blessed Garden and Sacred Vaults at Melbourne’s iconic Riverland Bar. With SAINTLY flowing and entertainment from Aussie artists, it’s the perfect way to confess your sins after New Year’s Eve and sure to be a New Year’s Day that you won’t forget.

This is Riverland Bar like you’ve never seen before, building on the existing Riverland greenery to create a refreshing space to enjoy a Saintly or two and offers on SAINTLY jugs and buckets all throughout the Summer. With beats from DJ Joey Lightbulb, you’re sure to be entertained all day long on New Year’s Day.

Stepping from the light of the SAINTLY Blessed Garden’s leafy exterior, you’ll be immersed in the darker side with SAINTLY’s Sacred Vaults – these vaults are exclusively launching for the New Year’s Day party and are designed to transport you to a different atmosphere.

Riverland Bar is located right in the heart of Melbourne City at Federation Square, the hub of arts, culture and events. The Princes Walk Vaults at Riverland Bar have been transformed with stained glass window effect decals running the length of the vaults. These vaults were originally constructed for Melbourne City Council in 1890 following the completion of the iconic Princes Bridge in 1888. The vaults are said to have had a shady underbelly past and hosted underground parties in the 90s. Now, the Princes Walk Vaults are home to some of the city’s best bars and entertainment.

As you step through the vault doors and into the bar, to your left will be a huge 1.8m forbidden tree adorned with SAINTLY fruits and SAINTLY HARD SELTZER cans. The more you look, the more you’ll see, enticing you to explore the rest of the SAINTLY Sacred Vaults.

Order a SAINTLY from the bar and step through the mirrored walkway next to the tree and you’ll enter the second vault, immersing you in monochrome coloured light. The room is entirely bathed in a single colour, and the lights slowly move through the spectrum of SAINTLY colours. Transporting you into a completely different and unforgettable atmosphere that changes your reality as the colours change. In this vault, you will find a place to chill with low-level cube seating and mirrored coffee tables. This vault is perfect to catch up with mates and soak up the changing lights and sound experience.

The last vault is another change of pace, with curated and abstract content projected on the ceiling, as the light changes, so will the experience of the film being projected. Here you will find artists performing from a mirrored DJ booth reflecting the light and projections.

Tickets for the New Year’s Day event from 12pm – 5pm can be purchased for $120. Your ticket includes an all inclusive food and beverage package from 12pm – 4pm. The drinks package includes SAINTLY HARD SELTZER in Holy Watermelon & Mint, Hail Mango, Forbidden Pink Grapefruit and Blessed Lime, SAINTLY Fruit Inspired Cocktails, lager and hazy ale and red, white and rosé wine. As for the food package, delicious pizza and snacks will be available. The first 50 people to use code SAINTLYNYD at checkout will have their tickets discounted to just $100.

SAINTLY’s Founder Kieron Barton commented: “After what has been a challenging two years for Victorians, we wanted to bring some fun to Melbourne and what a better way to celebrate the new year than with entertainment from DJ Joey Lightbulb and of course SAINTLY HARD SELTZER. The SAINTLY Sacred Vaults and Blessed Garden completely transports you into a mystical and intriguing world, free from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne city.”

For those that can’t make it to the event on New Year’s day, the SAINTLY Blessed Garden will be open daily, 11am to 11pm from 7 December – 28 February. Whilst the SAINTLY Sacred Vaults will hold a temporary residence at Riverland Bar every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from launch on the 1st of January and will run up until the 28th of February.