Review: Singin in the Rain musical

Singin in the Rain, PC: Jeff Busby
Singin in the Rain, PC: Jeff Busby
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“Good Morning, Good Morning, We’ve talked the whole night through, Good Morning Good Morning to you”

The much anticipated classic musical Singin’ in the Rain at Sydney’s Lyric Theatre premiered on Saturday 9 July with a red carpet event. I wasn’t able to attend the opening, however I did attend an exclusive preview and I absolutely loved it. I enjoyed the energy of the tap dancing, the acting that told the story and the singing that got not only me to sing along.

This stage musical has it all, including tap dancing in the rain and twirling umbrellas in the moment. Note to all patrons sitting on from rows 1-4, pack a rain coat or an umbrella.

Directed by Jonathan Church with Olivier Award nominated choreography by Andrew Wright. Leading man Adam Garcia (playing the role of Don Lockwood) suffered an injury whilst performing on stage recently and stepping into the role is the talented actor Grant Almirall. Jack Chambers as Cosmo Brown, Gretel Scarlett as Kathy Selden and Erika Heynatz as Lina Lamont.

The production has just completed a successful Melbourne season where it was hailed by critics and audiences alike. It has also garnered three Helpmann Award nominations including Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role in a Musical for Jack Chambers and Best Female Actor in a Supporting Role in a Musical for Erika Heynatz in addition to Best Choreography in a Musical.

I wouldn’t be surprised if all three grab an award for their performance.

This 1952 musical comedy portrays three stars caught up in the transition from silent films to “talkies” – motion pictures. R.F. from Monumental Pictures decides to convert The Duelling Cavalier into a talkie. With some production difficulties, Lina’s strong nasally New York accent didn’t quite cut the mustard. As Cosmo Brown describes “She can’t sing, she can’t act, she can’t dance – a real triple threat”. Don, Kathy and Cosmo come up with the idea to turn the The Duelling Cavalier into a musical called The Dancing Cavalier, where Lina will lip-sync Kathy’s voice.

Without giving too much away, the rain scene is such an iconic moment not only in the film but on stage too. It added the wow factor and Grant Almirall was walking on water with his tap routine with the melody “Singin’ in the Rain”.

It was such a pleasure to watch the show and I know you will enjoy it too. Details below for the Sydney performances and on the website touring nationally.

Sydney Lyric Theatre
From 7 July 2016
Performance schedule: Tuesday 7pm Wednesday 1pm & 8pm Thursday 8pm Friday 8pm Saturday 2pm & 8pm Sunday 3pm Please note that performances on Saturday, 9 July 2016 will be at 1.30pm and 7pm and on Sunday, 24 July 2016 will be at 1pm. Tickets from $74.90

Singin in the Rain Musical
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