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‘Simply Better’ range

Crust Gourmet Pizza
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Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar is doing what they are known for – reimagining pizza and setting new pizza trends – with the launch of their new ‘Simply Better’ range.

On the forecourt of Bondi Pavilion, I was invited to an exclusive taste three innovative new pizzas, fresh out of the oven from the Crust Mobile Pizza Bar and along side with a live acoustic performance by Asta.

The new ‘Simply Better’ range, for all your gourmet foodies out there. Fresh ingredients, house cooked meats and a healthier spelt and wholemeal bases. $18 for a medium 11” or $21 for a large 13”.

Biltong Spiced Lamb: house cooked lamb roasted in Biltong spice, topped with broccolini on a tomato base, garnished with pine nuts, chilli & a lime wedge, dressed with preserved lemon yoghurt.

Harissa Hummus Chicken: House cooked chicken roasted in aromatic spices, topped with chickpeas, roasted capsicum, caramelized onions on a harissa hummus base, garnished with almond silvers & rocket, dressed with mint yoghurt.

Wagyu Shōga: Wagyu beef with a wild mushroom medley and green capsicum on a hoisin & tomato base, garnished with Shōga (ginger) and a whole chili, topped with a Japanese inspired dressing.

Definitely thrilled that Crust are now delivering a wholesome, high quality and healthier alternative without compromising in taste.

“We have continued to diversify and evolve the menu by using ingredients and dressings inspired by ‘better for you’ food trends, such as harissa hummus, ginger, chickpeas, broccolini, almond slivers and preserved lemon yogurt,” it was quoted.

Mind you it was a small pop-up bar and on-lookers (I called them the human sea-gulls) were curious on the bohemian style pop up with the aroma of fresh pizzas. The event was by invitation only, but the public were still able to grab a taste after 7pm.

Out of the three recipes, I have to say the Biltong Spiced Lamb was a clear winner as it packed flavour with the spice used and the chilli. The chicken I felt lacked something, perhaps because the harissa hummus and mint yoghurt toned down the aromatic spices. But a great alternative for someone who doesn’t like things too spicy. Wagyu beef and mushroom medley was delightful, I was hoping to have a second helping as the first one wasn’t enough for me to taste all the ingredients. I did mention the ‘human seagulls’ right? Haha the moment chef brings out the pizza and the Crust Pizza ladies takes one step, they all flock in.

It was a chilled evening and I definitely look forward to ordering the pizza in the comfort of my own home and enjoying it with a glass of vino with my flat mate.

If I were you, I’d check out the ‘Simply Better’ range online and order, you won’t be disappointed with what Crust have created.

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