Red Manhattan, what was Starward thinking?

Starward Red Manhattan

Genius is what Steward was thinking. Inspired by the signature Starward whisky red wine barrel characteristics, Red Manhattan is a distillery batched cocktail made with Starward single grain whisky matured in Australian red wine barrels, a bespoke red wine vermouth infused with native botanicals, from Australian craft spirits producer Adelaide Hills Distillery, and bitters. A red theme runs through this product innovation – from the whisky maturing in red wine barrels, to the red vermouth… and even the garnish.

Sam Slaney, Starward’s Head Distiller, says, “It’s such an exciting time to be in the Australian craft spirits category – there is so much opportunity for creativity and to challenge tradition. Starward and Adelaide Hills Distillery are both innovative and award-winning local craft spirit producers that are passionate about creating distinctly Australian flavours. Starward whisky is uniquely matured in Australian red wine barrels and Adelaide Hills Distillery sources the very best of Australian native produce and South Australian red wine for its red vermouth. The result of this collaboration is the Red Manhattan, a one-of-a-kind bottled cocktail that is bright, balanced and full of flavour.”

Sacha La Forgia, Adelaide Hills Distillery founder, says, “At Adelaide Hills Distillery, we produce small batch spirits that celebrate the abundance of quality, local ingredients we have at our fingertips and represent our core values of being mindfully sourced and sustainably made.

Our team is excited to partner with Starward to create the Red Manhattan, crafting a special red wine vermouth, infused with native botanicals, that blends brilliantly with Starward’s single grain whisky.”

Born and bred in Melbourne, Starward continues to push the boundaries of Australian whisky, marrying old world tradition with modern techniques such as solely maturing whisky in Australian red wine barrels and pursuing creative drink collaborations with other dynamic local craft spirit producers.

Starward Red Manhattan is a vibrant and approachable cocktail that not only promises consistent taste in every pour but conveniently takes the complication out of cocktail-making – whether you are entertaining guests at a dinner party, playing bartender at a barbecue with friends or ready to impress a date with a novel alternative to a glass of wine.

Like a white wine, keep Red Manhattan chilled in the fridge (no need to stir with ice). Serve as a 70ml pour in a coupe glass and garnished with a cherry or red grape. What can we expect? On the nose, Christmas spice and dried fruits with dark stone fruits on the palate and cherries.


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