The Art of Luxury

There is something about a luxury brand that makes it luxury. Sometimes it’s the look and feel, the beautiful advertising, the texture, a pretty font, the service your receive, the money you pay – and sometimes it’s a little bit of everything.

Luxury is not a state of mind – it’s an attitude. 

At Vendome Sydney, it’s all about attention to detail, caring and how you are treated. I was invited to an intimate launch, exclusive to selective clients to view the iconic Italian jewellery, Pomellato.

Layla Bellezza flew in from Milano, Italy and is delighted to be working alongside boutique owners, Alex and Charlotte Simon. The full collection will be on display from 19 November to 24 December 2014.

“Pomellato creations are immediately recognisable, and have built a consistent, iconic style over time”, expressed Layla.

Pomellato designs are recognizable at a distance and represent jewels for a new way of living — jewellery that can turn into luxury fashion accessories, changing every season with the prevailing trends. Beautiful in its simplicity, the ring is offered in captivating hues like scarlet garnets, brown and lemon quartzes, and purple amethysts.

“The Nudo is considered the most iconic piece, a ring with a stone completely exposed, ‘naked,’ left free to capture and reflect natural light thanks to its special shape and faceting”, explains Alex Simon.

Luxury is in the details.

Synonymous with creativity and character, the new 2015 Jaguar F-Type Coupe is a gem. This is a stunning vehicle in person, with a bevy of interesting curves and angles that force you to stop, linger and stare.

It retains the convertible’s handsome front end, its driver-centric cockpit, and touchscreen infotainment and navigation, but swaps the ragtop that I loved so much for a new fixed roof gives the coupe an absolutely gorgeous and sleek profile.

Designed to deliver a pure luxury driving experience.

I look at the understated essence of it or iconic pieces that would appeal emotionally, a confidence booster to my social transformation. Vendome Sydney understands and interprets those emotions with classic high-end luxury goods.Ja

Discover the Art of Luxury.

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