5 reasons why men should do pilates

Pilates for men
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At any given pilates class you’re bound to find a room full of women, but you’ll be interested to learn of the unique benefits for men that this workout can provide. Grab a mat, forget what you’ve heard, and try your hand at pilates today (we promise there’s no legwarmers involved).

1. Develop neglected muscle groups.
Some of the major muscle groups that dominate your daily routine will over time generate greater strength than other parts of your body. Pilates is a really great way to shift your focus to those muscles that maybe don’t get enough attention, moving in more fluid ways compared to that of weight training so you really feel the burn.

2. Improved flexibility.
In general, the more muscle you have the less flexible you are. Pilates is a workout dedicated to stretching and lengthening your limbs for increased range of motion and greater definition. It is a great workout to assist in preventing injury, as well as supporting those who might be in recovery.

3. Better posture.
Find yourself sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day, or driving to and from work in the midst of peak traffic? Pilates is a great way to realign your spine and correct your posture as you are constantly lifting and supporting your entire body through movement and resistance. Proper posture reduces the wear and tear of your spine when ageing, as well as improving your balance. Good posture isn’t just for your appearance – but for your health!

4. Build core strength.
In pilates your stability is driven by core strength and engaging your abdominals with every movement. Your obliques, transverse, and lower abs all get a workout so trust me when I say its hard to sit up in bed the next morning.

5. Live more consciously.
Much like yoga and meditation, pilates forces you to pay attention to each movement and each breathe. Concentrating on your form and perfecting the movement, pilates is a great way to clear your mind and be present. I can guarantee that following your session you will feel refreshed and relaxed having pushed the stress and tension out your fingertips and toes.

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