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Peaches Pilates
Peaches Pilates

Welcome back Peaches Pilates, studios across all three locations reopened on the 13 June for pilates and barre. The much anticipated reopening of their Bondi, Maroubra and Cronulla studios will see Peaches Pilates clients back in the studio working on their core strength, flexibility and ultimately their peachy booty.

The team at Peaches Pilates, spearheaded by boss ladies Co-Owners Tori Clapham and Bec Chidiac, pivoted their business quickly to cope with the restrictions of COVID-19. They offered members and new Peaches fans a package featuring two series of on-demand digital classes and a complimentary equipment pack (complete with discs, a ball and resistance band) delivered right to your door. Whilst the studios will open once again, the online programs will continue to be available for those who prefer their living room or feeling like they are having their own private class with Bec and Tori. Live streamed classes on Zoom will continue to but only twice per day, which will be free for members to enjoy. Alternatively, an online only membership for Zoom classes will be a very affordable $24.99 per month (less than $6 per week!).

Based on the size of the studios, only 9 people will be in each class, meaning an intimate class which offers plenty of attention from instructors, whilst maintaining 1.5m social distancing. Boxing classes will be on hold until social distancing rules loosen. No equipment will be shared during a class and all equipment will be sanitised after every use. The team welcomes anyone who wants to BYO mat or other equipment. Sanitiser will be provided for clients as they enter and exit the studio.

Q. Never tried Pilates, why should we give it a go?
Pilates will change your body and your life! It sounds like a cliche, I know, but the right Pilates class will work muscles you never knew you had, and it’s also known for it’s fabulous mental health benefits. Pilates requires harmony and connection through the mind and the body, as there is focus on breath, certain coordination of movement, balance and control – this means that the mind is simply unable to wander – leaving you free from any stress or worry you might be experiencing – or even a respite from that ever growing to-do list in your mind! Finally, if you’re a gym junkie and feeling like you’re not getting the results you want – maybe you’re inflamed, exhausted, or injured – consider adding Pilates to your routine. We can target muscles deeply without the impact, which means faster results and less injuries!

Q. Will the Peaches LIVE classes and Peaches Online programs continue?
They absolutely will. We have found our live classes to be super popular amongst our Peachies who are interstate or not close to a studio, and we’re currently live hosting classes 6 days a week to accommodate our growing audience. In the coming months, we will be launching our eagerly awaited, new online program platform. We’re providing a unique mix of Live and pre-recorded sessions, as well as lifestyle tips, recipes and more. Within this platform will be our latest addition to our online program library – Power Peach! Power Peach is our resistance and boxing based series, which uses dumbbells!

Q. Top 3 favourite fitness tips?
Tori’s #1 tip has always been (excuse the french!): You don’t have to do crazy sh!t to look good! Aka – if your joints and your lower back aren’t really in agreement with things like box jumps and sled pulls, guess what? There’s alternatives. Pilates is honestly one of the most intense muscle isolations and burns you can experience, and some of the most challenging moves we do at Peaches involve you almost lying on the floor – which means while you might be hurting in a whole new way, you’re definitely not going to injure yourself!

Bec’s best advice is: Just Start! You don’t have to instantly be doing the perfect fitness routine, 6 days a week, with all the right variety. Start by dipping your toe in the water and finding out what you enjoy. Stick to a few sessions a week, and once your strength and enthusiasm grows, add more! There’s nothing like overcommitting when it comes setting yourself up for failure – so take the pressure off and begin by taking one step at a time.

Finally, at Peaches, our passion is all about bringing joy to movement. We believe that if you can find a space – be it a studio or an online community, – here you feel safe, supported, happy and motivated, you’re going to return! So seek out a like minded community, and instructors who care about your progression, your injuries, and your overall health – mental too! Once you find your little home, you’ll begin to grow in ways you never expected. Good luck!

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