Are you HIIP ready to take on Peaches Pilates newest program?

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Who is new to Pilates or haven’t exercised for a while (I put my hands up), this may be the class for you, virtually or in the studio.

A common misconception is that Pilates is slow, stretchy and that you don’t burn many calories. Well kids, you are going to sweat, ache for days and feel better for doing it!

Sample signature Pilates class

Pilates can definitely help you enter the ‘fat burning’ zone, particularly when you try out Peaches Pilates original workout HIIP (tried and tested by Co-Owner Bec Chidiac), which is High Intensity Interval Pilates.

This workout fuses cardio and Pilates – designed to get your heart rate up, while using body weight resistance in an interval training method. If you don’t have discs at home, you can always get there here or even thick socks on wooden floors or tiles will do the trick (PS white socks are not a thing!)

Complete each exercise for 45 seconds, repeat 3 x cycles.

Running Man
Starting in a plank position, with the balls of your feet in the center of each disc, begin to pull one knee into your chest, then the other. Once you have found your flow, increase your speed so that you are literally ‘running’ on the floor. This is an amazing way to get your heart rate up, FAST, with no impact!

Starting in a standing position, with the ball of your left foot on a disc, bend both knees. Take your hands in front of your chest, and slide your left leg back behind you until it is in full extension. Draw the leg back in so that your feet are level, repeating at a fast pace. Squeeze your abs in and draw your shoulders back. Switch legs are 45 seconds.

High/Low planks with hip dips
Starting in a high plank position, with your hands directly under your shoulders, your tailbone tucked so that you don’t have a dip in the lower back, or have your butt poking up in the air. After a 5 second count, lower to your elbows, and begin to dip your hips from side to side, using your obliques. Repeat 10 dips, then lift back up into your high plank.

Ok… I’m already feeling the shakes (I need more practice)… breathe Raf!

Begin lying on your back, with your lower back ‘imprinted’ into the mat – this is done by tucking your tailbone under, so that your lower vertebrae push into the floor – to protect your lower back and ensure your abs engage correctly. Lift your shoulders off the mat, drawing your chin into your chest, and draw one extended leg in towards your chest with your hands. Switch legs, and begin to quicken your pace once you’ve found your groove!

Crab walks with squat jumps
Start in a standing position, bending your knees and pulling your tummy back towards your spine. Side step to your left, bring your heels together between each step. After three steps to the left, jump up to straighten your legs, completing two jump squats before landing back on bent legs, and side stepping to the right to repeat.

Whether you go to one of their studios and join a class. The team is very friendly and you’ll be introduced to the equipment, techniques and the basics. Ask and judge which class level of fitness is the perfect introduction. The online classes are pretty great, from Live Class schedules to pre-recorded videos to work out in your living room. Oh I almost forgot, their are monthly challenge videos, recipes and a great support community network.

Peaches Pilates – tried, tested, repeat (and breathe!)

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